Auschwitz : A Doctor 's Eyewitness Account Essay

Auschwitz : A Doctor 's Eyewitness Account Essay

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Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account
Doctor Miklos Nyiszli was one of the prisoners interned in the complex of Nazi concentration camps collectively known as Auschwitz, the book is Nyiszil telling his story of life and survival in the camp. In this essay I will attempt to briefly summarize Nyiszlis time in the camp in addition to why I believe he wrote about his experience in Auschwitz. Nyiszli’s time in Auschwitz began like all others in the camp, with his arrival.
In May of 1944 Nyiszli and many other Hungarian Jews were brought to Auschwitz the same way many others had; packed into cattle cars. Once unloaded from the cars does Nyiszli’s story fully begin as the Jews were separated by Dr. Mengele into those who could and couldn’t work. Nyiszli was one who could and among this group the Nazi’s looked for doctors and Nyiszli was the only one to respond. Thus he was sent to the concentration camp hospital initially.
Nyiszli believes he will be continuing his work as a doctor in a German town that has lost theirs due to the civilian clothing he is issued. The conditions of the other prisoners of Auschwitz are described to Nyiszli by the barracks chief, this is when he is informed that Auschwitz is an extermination center not a work camp. Nyiszli devotes 2 pages to describing the horror of roll call most prisoners endure including having to bring the uncollected dead with them. Nyiszli also describes the compassion of his fellow doctors caring for what he refers to as the “living dead” (Nyiszli 28).
It takes time for Nyiszli’s purpose in the camp to come to fruition as they show him a run down dissecting shed. He then describes the Roma camp and some of the experiments done there, including multiple birth studies and heredi...

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...gain even though half of his job was to keep the men in the SS and Sunderkommado healthy as a doctor should. He feels that by aiding the Nazis to preserve his life he has betrayed his field as a doctor and his people as a Jew and Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account pays heed to both of those things along with a survivor’s guilt that he is alive while so many other more deserving like the Czech doctors died.
Over all this essay attempt to explain why I believe Miklos Nyiszli wrote Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account in addition to explaining the events of the book. I believe Nyiszli was motivated by a need to come to terms with Auschwitz, along with a desire to ensure his friends’ memories, and a duty to remind the world that this can never happen again. Nyiszli’s memoir stands as a chilling reminder of the depths to which humanity can and has sunk before.

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