The Treatment of Jews in Germany in the 1930's

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The Treatment of Jews in Germany in the 1930's

Between 1933 and 1938 Jews in Germany had been persecuted. In those

years, the Nazi hate towards the Jews increased rapidly, first they

started forbidding marriages between Jews citizens, later they even

void schooling and education for Jews.

As the segregation increased between Germans and Jews, the latter were

reduced to live in Ghettos; these were parts of the cities that lacked

most services like electricity and heating, and for the most part the

Jews had no money to live with.

As most of the German population was catholic, Nazis alleged that

another good reason for hating the Jews was that they blamed Judaism

and the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. This idea has being

considered central as one of the arguments the Nazis used to increase

the German hate towards the Jews.

These ideas can be arranged in the concept Anti-Semitism, which means

hate of the Jews.

The Nazi government ruled Germany, therefore they imposed this

anti-Semite ideas on their citizens. This was specially used in

schools for young Germans because they could have more influence on


With all these Anti-Semite ideas, the Jewish race was considered to be

even inferior than the Black race was considered (then called Negro).

Nazis had several denigrating ideas about the Jews, which have no

fundament and therefore sound stupid or even funny, although they had

a great impact among the German population in the 1930´s. For example,

German textbooks included drawings and phrases such "all Jews have

crooked legs, fat bellies, curly hair and look untrustworthy".

The German government approved several laws against Jews, for example,

that all Jews over 6 years had to wear a Star of David. Also Jews were

banned from all Shows, concerts, literature halls, sports centres,

etc. Besides, they were not allowed to own shops. The name Israel was

added to every Jew male and Sara to every Jew female.

In 1938, the Jews organised a riot opposing the Nazi oppression, in
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