The At The Crowd Of Market Square Essay

The At The Crowd Of Market Square Essay

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One Hour in the Crowd of Market Square
A public place is a social gathering which reflects specific characteristics of the locality and promotes interaction and communication among the people. It provides a sort of warm ambience and historical commonality and may serve diverse purposes including commercial objectives or environmental concerns. The Pittsburgh Market Square in Pennsylvania is one such favorite public destination. I decided to observe the people for half an hour and feel the pulse of the people.
Psychological and Physical Mood of People
People are generally required to follow specific guidelines and etiquette in a particular public gathering. In Market Square people were in their clean and fresh clothes. They put on deodorants and colognes but not overmuch. They were talking at low volumes so that other people would not get disturbed and annoyed. Their teeth all shone white and bright with no foul breath. They were very cautious about their verbal implications with no swear words and arguments. In the eateries, people were very particular about table manners. Nobody used their hands and used forks and spoons to pick up food. They laid down napkins on their laps while dining. They deposited their leftovers in dustbins and did not litter the place with eatables and non degradable substances. Nobody snapped pictures without permission. Nobody ridiculed or harassed others in the Square. Children behaved in a much disciplined manner and their parents always controlled them so that they did not make a nuisance of themselves.
I dared to break the norm of decency and accepted social interaction codes of such a public place and watch the repercussion of my action in the crowd. I chose a restaurant for my experimentation. I...

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...wo facets. It is an act that does not adhere to the customary manners of a social situation. The functionalist approach to deviance looks at it as an irregularity which ultimately contributes to social solidarity by eliminating deviant behavior (Chambliss & Eglitis, 2103). In my case, my deviant behavior of upsetting the social setup via mobile chatting was nontypical of standard guidelines and I was ousted because some kind of social control was operational to maintain the status quo of the setting.
The control theory holds that strong social bonds check individuals from engaging in deviant behavior stressing upon the assumption that deviance is spontaneous. Most people conform to social rules because they value social bonding. However, the theory has inadequate falsifiability considering many white-collar criminals who obey societal norms are hard-core criminals.

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