Assimilating to Fukuyama's Immigrants and Falmily Values Essay

Assimilating to Fukuyama's Immigrants and Falmily Values Essay

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In the essay “Immigrants and Family Values”, the author Francis Fukuyama argued that immigrants, are not a threat for American family values, but rather American culture can become a threat for “newcomers”. On the other hand, Fukuyama expressed that as long as first generation immigrants want to keep their culture and language intact in school that will keep them from really assimilating the new culture.
Before explaining why immigrants are not a threat for United States family values, Fukuyama introduced the opposing attitudes about immigrants being a threat for traditional American family values. In the first place, Fukuyama exposed the point of views of American conservatives who believed that immigrants who are not European descendants and Christians could be a threat for American traditional family values. American conservatives like Patrick Buchanan and Peter Brimelow think that what made America a successful country is that it was mostly composed for Europeans and Christian descendants that quickly assimilated “the American way”. However, the author rebutted that argument relying on the constitution of the United States. Fukuyama argued that the constitution never referred to a specific religion or ethnicity to identify an American citizen.
American conservatives and the author also opined that another factor that makes an immigrant stay in the United States a successful one is the assimilation process. American conservatives opined that immigrants from underdeveloped countries have unstable families that could make harder the assimilation process for the children are less likely to do economically well. However, Fukuyama explained that immigrants have strong family values and a greater level of ambition and adaptability...

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...n my American friends and me. For example, when I was in high school I noted how people used to say “I’m sorry” for every minimal or insignificant accidental touch in the hallways or the classrooms. At first, I was a little annoyed because I knew they did not do anything wrong. Over time, I realized that my American friends liked to keep their own space. After that realization, I knew I had to be careful with them because they could get offended if you “violated” their personal space. The point of interacting with the new culture made be able to get used to it faster and tolerate what according to my native culture knowledge is wrong or right and standardized what most Americans consider an inadequate behavior. I am aware that this “cold plunge into English” is not the most conformable method, but according to my experience is the fastest and the most effective way.

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