Essay on The Assignment Was Achieved By Aid Of A Face With Face Interview

Essay on The Assignment Was Achieved By Aid Of A Face With Face Interview

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The assignment was achieved by aid of a face-to-face interview. The interviewee’s name is Bansri Patel. Bansri is 21 years old, and she is originally from a small village in India where they speak Gujarati as their native language. Bansri first arrived in the United States at 8 years old. At this time she live in the state of Georgia for eight months before moving to New Jersey. Bansri tells me that when she was enrolled in school in Georgia she was placed in the ESOL program. She said, “I had to take that course to be on the same level in English as everyone else. To better understand English and speak it well.” She went to school in two different states, and as such it’s hard to recall where exactly to place her memory of the early school years here in the United States, but her enrollment in this program she noted helped. She specify that when she was enrolled in the ESOL program she only took it for two years during the sixth and seventh grade, as she recall having to stay after school in the seventh grade on account of struggling with English. She said during these after school sessions she would lesson to an audio version of a book they were reading in class, which helped her in comprehension as well as understanding more what the questions were asking. I’m unaware though of whether these sessions were only consist of reading interventions, and if listening to the audio version of books were the only strategies utilized. If so it would be very limited, and not what reading intervention is all about. Nonetheless Bansri stated that the accommodation given was very helpful.
At Bansri’s arrival to the U.S. was not new to the English Language. During the interview she pointed out that she have had some experience with the Engli...

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...r teacher suggested that she should record herself when she speaks in English. I believe that this is a great strategy for English language learners. Students can record themselves saying a word in their own language, and repeat that word in English. My goal is to always assume competence, and if a student is unable to meet competence then the next goal to figure out how to get them there. Whether working with them in small groups, or individually as Bansri experienced, or incorporating parents/guardian or other family member involvement. Every student must be given the opportunity to learn, and every teacher must allow students to work at their own pace. The receptive knowledge is there, they only need a little more time with expressive skills. As an educator and working with ELLs we should not be quick to judge, instead use positive reinforcements in learning.

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