Assassination Of JFK

Assassination Of JFK

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(A) Make a list of the evidence that suggests that Oswald was preparing to kill President Kennedy.
October 14, 1963-Oswald moves to Dallas
October 16, 1963-Oswald starts work at the Texas School Book Depository
November 6, 1963-Oswald delivers a letter to James Hosty at the Dallas FBI office. Gordon Shanklin later orders this letter to be destroyed.
August 12, 1963-Oswald appears in court and is fined $10.

(B) Make a list of the evidence that suggests that Oswald was being setup as a patsy.
November 1, 1963-FBI agent James Hosty visits the home of Ruth Paine where Marina Oswald is living and asks questions about Oswald.
August 27, 1963-A man claiming to be Oswald visits the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City.
(C) Study these two lists and explain whether you think Oswald was planning to kill Kennedy.
Personally, I think that Oswald assisted in killing JFK. I do think that the government agencies were in on this and that the two evidence text was plotted to cause a feeling of not being positive about who killed JFK. But I also do think that the two pieces of evidence serves as a distraction. To confuse the evidence. It’s very humorous. lol

Study the sources B2-B4 of the Assassination of JFK. Who was involved in the planning of the trip to Texas and the presidential motorcade in Dallas? Do all three sources agree on this subject?
Advance preparations for President Kennedy's visit to Dallas were primarily the responsibility of two Secret Service agents: Special Agent Winston G. Lawson, a member of the White House detail who acted as the advance agent, and Forrest V. Sorrels, special agent in charge of the Dallas office. Both agents were advised of the trip on November 4.

Study sources B4-B12. What evidence is there that there were gunmen firing at President Kennedy from behind and in front of the presidential limousine.
(Behind the limo shots) Since I was facing the building where the shots were coming from (Texas Book Depository), I just glanced up and saw two colored men in a window straining to look at a window up above them. As I looked up to the window above, I saw a rifle being pulled back in the window. It might have been resting on the windowsill. I didn't see a man. I didn't even see if it had a scope (telescopic sight) on it.
(Behind the limo shots) I think I got out on the street about 12:15 or 12:20 - something along there.

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And we were looking around, back and forth. People were talking and laughing, and in a very good mood. And I looked at this building (Texas Book Depository) and saw a man with a gun, and there was another man standing to his right. I could not see all of this man, and I couldn't see his face.
The other man was holding a short gun. It wasn't as long as a rifle. He was holding it pointed down, and he was kneeling in the window, or sitting. His arms were on the window. He was holding the gun in a downward position, and he was looking downward. ...
(Both direction shots) The most plausible explanation for the forward and backward movement of the head and body is that of a double impact on the head, one shot fired from the rear, and the other from the front. The author has interviewed numerous physicians and veterans who served in Italy during World War II. He has also interviewed several veterans of the Italian Army who used Mannlicher-Carcano rifles and copper-jacketed ammunition. Collectively, these people have seen several thousand gunshot wounds inflicted by Mannlicher-Carcano rifles. Their unanimous experience has been that the type of head wounds suffered by President Kennedy, as well as the double movement of his head, could not possibly have been caused solely by Oswald's rifle.
(In front of the limo shots) And so, after the shots were fired, well, all the officers and everyone else seemed to think they came from by the track over by the underpass, because that's where everyone ran, over that-a-way. But, I - just like I said, I've been hunting enough to know the sound of a rifle from-from a backfire or a firecracker or anything like - especially that close to me.
How many of the witnesses in this unit supplied that supported the conclusions of The Warren Commission (B27)? How many of the witnesses contradicted the conclusions of the Warren Commission?
The two witnesses did not agree with The Warren Commission. Therefore, no witnesses contradicted the conclusions of The Warren Commission.

How many of the witnesses in this unit supplied evidence that supported the conclusions of the House Select Committee of Assassinations (B28)? How many of the witnesses contradicted the conclusions of the Warren Commission?
The two witnesses did not agree with The Warren Commission. Therefore, no witnesses contradicted the conclusions of The Warren Commission.

Study sources C1-C14 of Murder of J. D. Tippit. Use the evidence to describe the murder of J. D. Tippit. Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald murdered Tippit?
I am unsure about this murder for three main reasons. One, I think Oswald might have been scared about the president’s shooting and had gotten small signs that he was being set up and is trying to prevent anything worse accruing so he shot a “eyewitness”. Secondly, I think it may have been someone, such as an impersonator, that looked nearly identical to Oswald and is causing all this crime that the real Oswald is taking the blame for. Thirdly, I do think it was Oswald because he may have really shot at the president but needed to limit the witnesses in order to save him from death/punishment.

Read Jack Ruby and the Mafia. Describe the evidence that suggests that Jack Ruby was linked to the Mafia. Why did Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald?
Despite official denials. Jack Ruby had indeed been a "professional gangster." Furthermore, telephone records and other documents showed extensive contacts between Ruby and underworld figures from across the country in the months before the assassination.
This fellow Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) is a very shady character, has a bad record - street brawler, fighter, and that sort of thing - and in the place in Dallas, if a fellow came in there and couldn't pay his bill completely, Rubenstein would beat the very devil out of him and throw him out of the place...
Did Lee Harvey Oswald grow up in a criminal neighborhood? Yes. Did he have a mob-connected family? Did he have mob-connected friends? Was he known to them to be a crazy guy? He's out publicly distributing Fair Play for Cuba leaflets. If you wanted to enlist him in a conspiracy that would initially appear to be communist and not appear to be organized crime, he's the perfect candidate. Ex-Marine, marksman, probably prepared to kill the president for political reasons.
To understand who killed President Kennedy and did he have help, I think you have to understand what happened to the assassin of President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald. I see Jack Ruby's assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald as a mob hit.

Study sources E1-19 of the Mannlicher Rifle. What Evidence does the Warren Commission Report (E5) provide to support the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald used a Mannlicher-Caracano rifle to kill President Kennedy? What criticisms do Matthew Smith (E1 & E4), James H. Fetzer (E6), Michael Kurtz (E9), and Ronald F. White (E10) make of this theory?
Shortly after the assassination, the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle belonging to Oswald was found partially hidden between some cartons on the sixth floor and the improvised paper bag in which Oswald brought the rifle to the Depository was found close by the window from which the shots were fired.
(Matthew)If Oswald bought the rifle and handgun, there is every reason to believe he would buy them at the behest of his CIA masters and was told to buy those specific weapons, told to buy them by mail order, and told to buy them under the name A. J. Hidell.
(Matthew)Following the finding of the gun, however, it was collected by Lieutenant. C. Day and taken to Police Headquarters, where it was logged as a 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano, an Italian carbine, bearing the serial number C2766. Mannlicher-Carcano Italian carbine No. C2766, it was claimed, belonged to Lee Harvey Oswald.
(James)The alleged instrument, a cheap, mass-produced World War II Italian carbine, has a muzzle velocity of around 2,000 fps, which means that it is not a high-velocity weapon. Since the President's death certificates (1963), The Warren Report (1964), and even more recent articles in The Journal of the American Medical Association (1992) report that JFK was killed by high velocity bullets, it follows that he was not killed by Oswald's weapon, thereby greatly reducing interest in Mrs.
(Kurtz)The critics contend that no bullet could possibly have caused such damage and emerge intact.
(Ronald White) Of course, if the Commission had accepted the possibility that the first shot was fired through the tree at Z-166, then their estimate of 5.62 seconds could be extended by 2.4 seconds to about 8 seconds, more than enough time for a lone gunman to get off even four shots.

Read Kennedy’s Autopsy. Select those sources that suggest that John F. Kennedy was killed by a dum-dum bullet.
I think that the massive head wound, where the President's head was literally blown apart, came from a quartering angle on the grassy knoll. The bullet was a low velocity dumdum mercury fulminate hollow-nose, which were outlawed by The Hague Convention, but which are used by paramilitary groups. And that the whole reaction is very consistent to this kind of weapon. That he was struck and his head - doesn't go directly back this way but it goes back and over this way, which would be consistent with the shot from that direction, and Newton's Law of Motion. – William Turner

Who Killed President Kennedy?

There are several theories concerning who killed President Kennedy. In the opinion of the Warren Commission Kennedy was killed by one man, Lee Harvey Oswald. Other theories have involved different organizations and groups of individuals. Eight of the theories are listed below:

Lee Harvey Oswald
The Mafia
Soviet Union and Cuba
Anti-Castro Activists
Texas Oil Industry
John Birch Society
Central Intelligence Agency
Secret Service and the FBI

Read each theory in turn. Also look at the sources that are provided. The questions that follow the sources should help you understand the relevance of this information.

With each theory do the following:

Describe the possible motivation for the assassination.
Comment on how likely the theory is to be true.
Rank the eight theories in the order you think they are likely to be true.
Explain who you think organized and carried out the killing of President Kennedy. You can, if you wish, combine more than one theory to your answer.

1. Lee Harvey Oswald:
For communism
20% chance involvement

2. The Mafia:
Attempting to destroy organized crime
25% chance involvement

3. Soviet Union and Cuba:
Trying to remove power from unfriendly communist leaders; Revenge
15% chance involvement

4. Anti-Castro Activists:
10% chance involvement

5. Texas Oil Industry:
Unfavorable tax change plans
5% chance involvement

6. John Birch Society:
Infiltrated the John Birch Society
5% chance involvement

7. Central Intelligence Agency:
Elements of the CIA were worked on behalf of the interests of a "high cabal" of industrialists and bankers.
10% chance involvement

Secret Service and the FBI:
For Lyndon B. Johnson to become president
15% chance involvement

(C) Theory Ranks
The Mafia
Lee Harvey Oswald
Secret Service and the FBI
Soviet Union and Cuba
Anti-Castro Activists
Central Intelligence Agency
Texas Oil Industry
John Birch Society

(D) Well… I think every one of those organizations/groups were all involved because, apparently, Kennedy angered all of them around the same time and they all wanted some kind of revenge. Oswald, I do think was set up so the organizations involved remained under raps and didn’t get caught.
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