Essay on The Assassination of a Ruler Striving for Peace

Essay on The Assassination of a Ruler Striving for Peace

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Few people would have expected young Sadat to grow up to be anything other than the small-town boy he was raised as, but while Sadat was still a child his grandmother entranced him with stories about the brave men who fought to free Egypt from the European tyrants controlling their lives (el-Sadat). Little did Sadat’s grandmother know that these stories, along with the pressure she placed on Sadat to gain an education, would one day influence Sadat to raise above his humble childhood, become the ruler of his county, and initiate a lasting peace with Israel. This peace was a result of the entirety of Sadat’s life and death. Over his many years Sadat transformed from a man training in the military to a refugee from the forces he once fought for and eventually to the ruler of Egypt.
Anwar al-Sadat’s parents gave birth to their son on December 25, 1918, in a small village called Mit Abul-Kum on the Nile Delta. Prior to Sadat’s birth, Mohammed el-Sadat, Sadat’s father, and Sitt-al-Barrein, Sadat’s mother, resided in Sudan. Sadat’s father worked there “as a clerk in a military hospital for the Egyptian army. When Sitt-al-Bar rein's pregnancy advanced, she was sent back to the little village on the Nile Delta to deliver the child.” (Kras) Sadat had twelve other siblings (Golley), four of whom were from the same mother (Kras). Sadat’s father had received a “general certificate of Primary Education” which was uncommon for lower class citizens in those days. (Alagna) His education allowed Mohammed el-Sadat to put Anwar sadat though school. Anwar Sadat got his basic education in reading, writing, and the holy book at the Koranic Teaching School. (Alagna) His family paid for him to attend al-Jami‘a Elementary and Raqi al-Ma Secondary School a...

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