Essay on Artificial Intelligence : Human 's Consciousness And Thinking

Essay on Artificial Intelligence : Human 's Consciousness And Thinking

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According to the natural evolutionary rule of “survival of the fittest”, all organisms followed this rule for evolution in the past thousands of years. Mankind, who has the highest Intelligence Quotient among all organisms, also got evolution through this “survival of the fittest”; we gradually stand on the top of the pyramid of all living beings, and are even the master of the Earth. But today, we found that natural selection may be substituted at any time. In particular, science develops along with artificial intelligence — the non-organic organisms. Artificial intelligence, which is intelligence exhibited by machines, is called a breakthrough for self-realization of human. Once upon a time, artificial intelligence was just a branch of computer science, and it was the simulation of human’s consciousness and thinking. Since the term "artificial intelligence" was born at Dartmouth Conference in 1956, the commercial motive stimulated the utilisation of artificial intelligence. The Internet, finance, healthcare, education, logistics, entertainment, media and other industries were accelerating their own intelligent processes. Thus, a research firm IDC predicts, “the market — defined as A.I.-related hardware, software and services — will surge from $8 billion this year to $47 billion by 202,.” (“IBM Is Counting on Its Bet”) while dialogue robots, intelligent voice and medical artificial intelligence have become the hot spot. However, facing with artificial intelligence, we are not so much for how wonderful the vision will come to our future as the "fear of hope". The development of artificial intelligence and the risk of losing control become vital questions in science area. Scientists like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk h...

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...tential threat which have directly proportional to the potential benefits. If want to make good use of this potential force, is necessary to establish a reliable code before they get "smart enough". What we need is not only the skilled technology, but also the ability of control artificial intelligence at a higher level. As science fiction writer Isaac Asimov proposed "three laws of robotics" in his short story of Robot series, the laws of robotics are the protective design and moral principles. First, robots can not injure human beings and help people who get injury. Second, robots must obey human orders unless these commands have contradiction with the first law. Third, without the violation of the first and the second rule, the robot must protect its own existence. Today, these laws have guidance for the reality of the double-edged sword of artificial intelligence.

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