Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence Essay

Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence Essay

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Artificial Intelligence “is the ability of a human-made machine to emulate or simulate human methods for the deductive and inductive acquisition and application of knowledge and reason” (Bock, 182). The early years of artificial intelligence were seen through robots as they exemplified the advances and potential, while today AI has been integrated society through technology. The beginning of the thought of artificial intelligence happened concurrently with the rise of computers and the dotcom boom. For many, the utilization of computers in the world was the most advanced role they could ever see machines taking. However, life has drastically changed from the 1950s. This essay will explore the history of artificial intelligence, discuss the impact of artificial intelligence in society and touch upon where scientists want to take the study of artificial intelligence. AI will be used to as an abbreviation for artificial intelligence throughout the paper.
The field of study of Artificial Intelligence began in 1955 at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire with a proposal called, “A Proposal for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence”. McCarthy, Minsky, Rochester, and Shannon coordinated the study. This proposal of thought goes far beyond the concept that computers can be used in the business world to increase productivity and the production of personal computers, all of which were being invented and discovered at that time. The four men believed that “every aspect of learning or…feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to stimulate it” (J. McCarthy, 1955). The proposal discusses a problem concerning the evolvement of artificial intelligence which still faces ...

... middle of paper ... heavily relied upon in AI and technological evolvement. Sankar’s theory is just one of the many that will encompass the future innovations of AI. The next phase and future of AI is that scientists now want to utilize both human and machine strengths to create a super intelligent thing. From what history has taught us, the unimaginable is possible with determination. Just over fifty years ago, AI was implemented through robots completing a series of demands. Then it progressed to the point that AI can be integrated into society, seen through interactive interfaces like Google Maps or the Siri App. Today, humans have taught machines to effectively take on human jobs, and tasks that have created a more efficient world. The future of AI is up to the creativity and innovation of current society’s scientists, leaders, thinkers, professors, students and entrepreneurs.

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