The Article Counseling Latinos with Substance Abuse Problems Essays

The Article Counseling Latinos with Substance Abuse Problems Essays

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The article Counseling Latinos with Substance Abuse Problems is one about working with individuals who identify themselves as a part of the Latino culture. The term Latino is used in this article as an inclusive term that applies to people of Latin and/or Hispanic descent in this United States (Torres-Rivera, Wilbur, Phan, Maddux, & Roberts-Wilbur, 2004). According to the article, the Latino population has the third and second highest percentage of illicit drug and alcohol use, respectively, in the country. Heavy use can be attributed to a host of factors, including by not limited to: educational achievement, low socioeconomic status, and the stress of acculturation.
The article reports that about 15% of all incarcerated individuals in the United States identify with the Latino population. Additionally, nearly a quarter are incarcerated due to drug charges (Torres-Rivera, Wilbur, Phan, Maddux, & Roberts-Wilbur, 2004). Being that this is so, the authors suggest that much attention should be given to substance use related issues with this population. The authors suggest that the current literature does not effectively address the needs of counseling Latinos who have substance abuse related issued. Furthermore, textbooks that describe the treatment of Latinos are considered to be too broad and general (Torres-Rivera, Wilbur, Phan, Maddux, & Roberts-Wilbur, 2004). While I do believe that there may not be much information on working with this population, I feel that this may be due in large part to the “catchall” category of “Latino”.
One interesting thing that this article pointed out was that no one counseling approach was more effective. However, the article proposes the use of multimodal interventions that encompass a ...

... middle of paper ... could be generalized to all drugs or to only those that could be used in moderation.
Despite these things, I have learned about myself while reading this article is that I do not have a basic understanding of some of the terminology frequently used by Latino persons. Additionally, the blueprint at the end of the article provided useful suggestions on working with the Latino population. Overall, I found this article to be extremely helpful in gaining new insight on some of the biopsychosocial considerations to have when working with this population.

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