Essay about Art and the Human Psyche

Essay about Art and the Human Psyche

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Life is all about change, progression, and the evolution of the psyche. Everyone interprets their life experiences differently, and those interpretations may lead to personal growth and maturity. This concept of progression prevails in Emerson’s composition and interprets humanity as flawed yet striving for perfection. Emerson believes people are more than capable of deciding on their own what they enjoy and what they despise. In Emerson’s opinion, “the individual is the best critic of art”. Based on the words of Emerson and my own personal experience, I believe that while one can be changed in some manner by occurrences, one can maintain their identity in a global community.
Everything in life serves as an example of an art form, according to Emerson, “because it is alive, moving, and reproductive”. When we consider this fact and apply it to our everyday lives, we appreciate the tiniest details in entities once deemed insignificant. A work of art need not dazzle; sometimes, the simplest of art forms speak the loudest. One can marvel at the sight of a bird in flight and experience the same level of amazement one would experience at the sight of a charging grizzly bear. We need not travel the globe to experience the vestiges of ancient cultures when the splendor of our own backyards offers the same depth and excitement. Art speaks to all of us in some manner; therefore, universality exists as an important quality possessed by art. As everything in life is beautiful, so is humanity. There is nothing more beautiful about humanity than the soul, pontificates Emerson, for it constantly evolves and possesses universality.
Emerson assumes people are not purposeless sheep who monotonously follow orders. If we can create beauty, we can...

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...n elicit as much emotion as an epic crafted by Hollywood’s finest talent. Sadly, people cannot accept the fact that was they view as trash someone else might view as treasure. But good art shall speak to those touched by it. As it is stated by Emerson, “it was not painted for them, it was painted for you.”
In summation, the boon of having an individual opinion proves invaluable when asked to criticize a composition. Possessing free will delivers unto us the ability to enjoy a particular work, regardless of popularity or quality. Once we take away the underlying message of the work, we walk away the better for it, for the art has educated us. Then, we use that knowledge and apply that same message to our lives, for the art has inspired us. Conclusively, the opus fulfills its intended purpose and contributes to the persistent growth and development of the human soul.

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