The Motivation of Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Speech The American Scholar

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The Motivation of Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Speech The American Scholar Nearly two hundred years ago Ralph Waldo Emerson delivered a speech to a group of Scholars, it was his intention to motivate and inspire. He expressed his beliefs in a way that was objectionable to some and encouraging to others. Each man was given a chance to examine his life and the life's of their predecessors. Emerson shaped his speech, and bent the words around in a beautiful collage; he quickly established a mood that was felt throughout the room. Scholars understood that he had a very important message to deliver and they prepared for an address like no other. The speech is difficult and abstract; on the first read it takes you in a million directions giving an impression of understanding. To comprehend "The American Scholar" you should break it into three sections. First we need to recognize the scholar's resources: nature, classification, and the presents of spirit. Second, we need to examine the duties associated with being a scholar: trust, honor, and the ability to dedicate ourselves to the institution in which we belong. Third, we need to go beyond our old ways of thinking we need to create a unique culture and traditions distinctive to this new Country. Emerson explains that nature has a great deal of influence on our minds and bodies, it's a resource that's in abundance and untouched, it has no beginning and no ending. We need to understand that there is a direct connection between spirit and nature. Both revolve and exist in neutral space, and until we open our mind and allow it to influence us that's where it will stay. The thought that spirit and nature exist in each one of us is somewhat perplexing. I feel that the old ... ... middle of paper ... ...his nation. It seems that this little speech might have taken root in some of the men sitting in the room. It might have even moved through generations ending up with the current conditions of these United States. In closing: Emerson wanted to inspire the people who sat in the room that day, he felt that Americans needed to develop their own cultural tradition instead of depending on Europe. These men were the leaders of tomorrow but they possessed stagnant ideas, he wanted them to look inwards and be more than a Scholar more than a teacher. Emerson wanted them to start a revolutionary of inspirational proportions. This conclusion is reflective in respects to the way I want to live my life, I am one of those people who rarely take an opportunity and run with it. I do much better when I have a motivator, in a sense Emerson's speech was just that, motivation.

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