Essay on The Arkansas Prison System Scandal

Essay on The Arkansas Prison System Scandal

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The Arkansas prison system scandal changed Arkansas in many ways, even though the many efforts off cover ups through testimony’s the truth behind the scandal prevailed. In these five sources you learn that the reputation off Arkansas was much more important than the inmates who even as convicted felons where the victim in this scandal. There are many different opinions on why the Arkansas prison farmers where in such poor condition but the evidence only proves one theory, that no one was to be trusted inside the facility from super attendant to warden to inmate’s no one was to be trusted. In such places were the inmates where giving power and the warden was bringing in contraband, and these are just a simple examples of just how unjust they were not even stating the levels of brutality and cruelty.
Within the first source is a direct testimony from Thomas O. Morton that completely describes his year as superintendent of the Arkansas state penitentiary Prison. Mr. Morton described just how brutal and unconventional the prison system was during this time. He describes cruel and unusual punishment such as the “Tucker Telephone” which was an electrical current which was ran through the genitals of prisoners.(Source 1) Morton described how prisoners where ‘Penal slaves”, after the abolishment of slavery. (Source 1) In the prison at this time at Tucker prison the majority was made up of young boys ages 14-17 and the “guards” where made up of not only free men but also prisoners who were giving guns and power over other prisoners. (Source 1) Segregation was also very much present in the prisons even though prison was hard on all prisoner it was especially hard on the black prisoners. The things Morton told chairmen Dodd spearheaded his i...

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...there was no denying the evidence gathered. They had proved that not only where inmates being beaten but why they were beaten and to what extent. They proved not only that the inmates where mal-nourished and over worked but kept unsanitary. They also had proof of what the kitchen look like, what they were being fed, where they slept, and just what jobs they did. They could no longer past these extraordinary measures off as insufficient funds and in adequate works. The Arkansas prison system was corrupt and justice was well over due. The inmates where protected under the eighth amendment which prohibits the government from using excessive fines, excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment. The prison had to be brought up to slandered the prisons boards where required to make a writing report on how they would meet the constitutional violations found by the court.

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