The Argument Of The Ban On Tobacco Advertising Essay

The Argument Of The Ban On Tobacco Advertising Essay

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Summarize the arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India
Part of the ban on tobacco was based on the "need to protect public health". Cigarettes are not in the best interest of the public, on the contrary they provoke high risk in serious or lethal illness. Also, there was a difference of 0.07% between the contribution (to the G.D.P) of cigarettes and the costs related to health care. The objective of the banning tobacco advertisements was to invert these results so that the health care costs would be reduced in the G.D.P as cigarette sales would decrease at the same time.
Based on a study for tobacco consumption and employment, it appears that a band in tobacco advertisements would actually increase employment opportunity in India because the money that would no longer be spent on cigarettes would remain in the economy and would actually be spent on alternative products. "The study showed that the ban on cigarettes was more labor intensive which in turn produced more jobs". Based on a World Bank report, it is said that “in countries where there was a complete tobacco band, the downward trend in consumption was much steeper than the trend in countries with no band at all”. This factual evidence supports the government’s theory on the band of tobacco advertisements as it provides concrete results that prove how the ban would be effective.

As tobacco related deaths were on the rise (increasing by millions)
Based on the DOH (department of health) UK, there is evidence to support a significant effect on the ban of tobacco advertising. "It was found that per capital consumption of cigarettes (15 years +) had dropped between 14 and 37% after the implementation of the ban." This conclusion demonstrates factual resul...

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...fact that advertisements are a form of influence. There are ads for everything and the point of an advertisement is to encourage a consumer to buy the product being promoted. There are specific advertising and marketing techniques used to influence consumers in buy products. So if tobacco is the product being promoted, this is only going to encourage the individual viewing the advertisement to buy it where as if there was no advertisements at all, there would be no desire or trigger to encourage individuals to buy on consume cigarettes. The more something is advertised, the more it becomes socially accepted as a norm. Tobacco should NOT be socially accepted as a norm. It should be frowned upon. Especially if people can be influenced into it. Governments should instead promote anti-tobacco advertising or programs that help provide aid to those who wish to stop smoking.

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