Are Girls Better Than Girls? Essay

Are Girls Better Than Girls? Essay

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I can do anything, you can do. Are boys better than girls? Are girls better than boys? In the article, “Modifying Gender Role Stereotypes in Children” there are three main points that I will touch on in this written assignment. The three main points are: gender stereotypes affect children and their behavior into adolescents and adults, gender equality, and the lack of research done on this topic.
Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls. This is an example of rigid gender stereotyping. For a majority of people, rigid gender stereotyping is quite common, and for most they see no harm. At an early age, children have already have been set into the course of rigid gender stereotyping. A prime example is the video, “Gender Roles-Interview with Kids” In this video the interviewer ask questions such as, which one takes care of the baby, which one goes to work? To say I was surprise by the children’s answers would be a lie. In previous generations, that’s how things were, moms stayed home and took care of the children, while cooking and cleaning. And fathers would be the breadwinners, working and providing for their children. Does this have an effect on children? Does gender stereotypes affect their behavior, even into adolescents and adults? I believe so.
Continuing on, rigid gender stereotype is causing much harm in the development of children, and how they perceive themselves in the world. Males develop an alpha male complex, while women settle into the role of damsels in the distress. Furthermore, “Rigid gender role stereotypes have been found in adolescents who report dating violence, and young men who endorse rape-tolerant views are more likely to hold traditional gender role stereotypes, particularly depicting women as inferior and...

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... and females would develop a mutual respect for one another, and pay would be based more so on skill and work experience, rather than sex. But this “new chapter” cannot be reach without more research. Researching gender stereotypes and its effects would allow us to recognize the root of the problem in more detail, and give us the information we need to make a change. In addition with the information, educating the populace with factual evidence, rather than opinion, will aid in the acceptance of non-stereotyped gender schemes.

I can do anything you can do. To conclude, gender stereotypes does have a huge effect on children, even throughout adolescence and adulthood. Breaking the mold will permit all us to expand our horizons. With the help of more research, a bit of a change of heart, we have the capacity to create a better future where gender equality is the norm.

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