Are Curricular And Co Curricular Activities Necessary For A School Environment?

Are Curricular And Co Curricular Activities Necessary For A School Environment?

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Are extra-curricular and co-curricular activities needed in a school environment? Do they serve any purpose in the learning spectrum of school? Many individuals believe school is a place strictly for learning, nothing more. Yet, they have an abundance of different sports and activities offered. These activities are financed by public schools and are offered as something else to engage in. Although others do not agree, learning is affected by extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, such as music, in a positive way. Music programs can give students’ meaning, involvement, create positive feelings, give new opportunities, increase students’ community engagement, and can also improve students’ academic achievements. “For years the music education profession has emphasized large ensemble experiences for reasons that include quality of music making, sense of community, and individual and collective pride for many of the students involved” (Bledsoe, 1).
Dr. Kristen Pellegrino, an assistant professor of music education at the University of Texas at San Antonio, has a Ph.D. in music education, M.M. in violin performance, and a B.M. in music education and applied violin. ("Kristen Pellegrino, Music Education.", 1). As she elaborates in her journal, music programs can offer a sense of meaning to students partaking in these programs. She talks of how numerous scholars address the connections between the well-being of students and music making. Pellegrino says, “Stefanakis has written about music as a ‘holistic way in which we come to know ourselves and our relationship with the world’” (Pellegrino, 83). To explain further, comprehension of the world around us is heightened when engaged in music programs. Giving students a comprehensive...

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...ortunities, community engagement, and higher levels of achievement. Music programs do not cause a distraction, but give students a high level of thinking that may help them later in schooling or even later in life. Also, music programs give an abundance of opportunities that are one of a kind. Although it does cost money to start and maintain a music program, the benefits of music programs outweigh the costs. Furthermore, public schools should not only have these programs, they should also provide the programs with adequate capital to be successful. If a community does not have these programs or adequate funding, go and participate in school board meetings and demand they transform the school system. Talking to those associated with a community’s school budget can ultimately bring the change in our co-curricular and extracurricular activities that is essential today.

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