Essay on Are Credit Cards Worth Having?

Essay on Are Credit Cards Worth Having?

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Luz Gomez
Denise Doell
15 November 2016
Are Credit Cards Worth Having?
People feel they become responsible once they get a credit card but the truth is that they can be become irresponsible. A credit card helps people buy necessary things when buyers do not have enough money to afford it. These cards can help people in many different ways, it helps them to get what they want and sometimes what people need to survive. Credit cards can also be harmful if people (especially teenagers) do not know how to use it properly. The advantage of having a credit card is the fact that people can build credit history, it can help them in an emergency and there are times when people need to have a credit card to obtain any kind of material without spending money from the card. Just like it has advantages, it also has disadvantages such as; financing does not help people obtain self-control, credit cards have interest rates and poor credit score can affect insurance rate. Everything in life has consequences and having a credit card could be convenient depending on the card holder. People could feel that they have control over their lives and their expenses but sometimes credit cards are the ones that have control of their lives.
Financing pursing does not teach and let people obtain self-control over these credit cards. These cards have a limit credit depending on who is the carrier and their credit history. Once someone turns 18 years old, they are allowed to have a credit card starting from $1,000 dollars. Some people could have an impulsive attitude towards buying and it can lead to negative impact on other areas of life. Obtaining a credit card means that people have access to money that they do not own. It is just money that is bo...

... middle of paper ...

...d to get what is wanted most of the times. It probably does not help with self-control, people get bad credit score for not being responsible and they do not like how interest rate are sometimes way to expensive. Everything in life is business and banks need to make some money as well to provide better service.
Someway, credit cards have more benefits for people. It helps them get what they need such as a house, secure insurance and one of the most important things, students’ loans. People mostly use credit cards when there is an emergency or just when they want to spoil themselves. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with people spoiling themselves because after all, it makes them happy. Once people have control over their credit cards, life would be easier for them. Credit cards also have some other benefits such as; rewards, theft protection and extended warranties.

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