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The invention of the modern day credit card by Alfred Bloomingdale, Frank McNamara, and Ralph Snyder in 1949 brought much debate about the invention by the people of the time, it helped and even put people in debt, and increased the amount of Credit Acts in Congress. The invention of the Credit Card is now America's main source of payment and an essential element of daily life.
In the Spring of 1949, Alfred Bloomingdale, Frank McNamara, and Ralph Snyder came up with a new plan for a modern type of credit card. While out to lunch one day in New York, the President of the New York Credit Card Company Frank McNamara had forgotten his wallet at home (Evans 53) . He had a thriving business yet credit cards at the time were only given to selected people. The first modern credit cards was introduced by Diners Club Inc. because of this. The modern day credit card is a small, plastic, rectangle, more than three inches. There is an account number and a name that is embroidered on the front. The first credit card did not look much like what credit cards look today. They were made out of paper not plastic, and they weren’t cards they were a lot like a tiny booklet that had all the same information the modern day credit card has now(Weiss 38). The modern day credit card can carry up to a $200 line of credit meaning you can buy anything you want at that certain time and pay it back at a later date such as months or a year after that time. Some companies require you to pay the full amount of your charge on the card at once, but some allow you to pay in small amounts. In order to apply for a credit card you must be at least eighteen years of age and if you are not you must have an adult sign the paperwork to apply for one. Prior ...

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... a candy bar. These thin wallet size magnetic strips are the keys that unlock the vaults of banks, ATMs, and any cash dispenser around the world. Credit cards have become important sources of identification holding a name and number of a cardholder in just a thin card. There are many cardholders around today such as American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa. These companies go head to head with customers around the world. These thin wallet sized cards are a part of most Americans everyday life and some people are very dependent on them. If you come into a situation where you don’t have cash all you have to do is use your card and pay it off later. As many Americans say “I’ll charge it”, this has become a world wide saying. The modern day credit card was invented many years ago and will be continued to be in use for many years to come.
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