Appropriate Accommodations Delineated Is A Fair Classroom With Realistic High Expectations For All Learners

Appropriate Accommodations Delineated Is A Fair Classroom With Realistic High Expectations For All Learners

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Appropriate accommodations delineated in an IEP or Section 504 plans creates a fair classroom with realistic high expectations for all learners. Proceeding, instruction the physical arrangement of the classroom must accommodate the needs of a student experiencing the sequelae of a TBI, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, and Learning Disability. The learning environment must provide a wide spectrum of lighting; specialized training for the student and staff, procedures and process all affects the learning climate. One accommodation that is not typically offered is to have a separate quiet classroom for students to elope for students to learn to control challenging behaviors.
For students like Fredrick with TBI, additional breaks is a necessity however, are these breaks in the quiet classroom an acceptable accommodation? This is not to escape from the instructions, but a preventive measure to avoid problem behaviors when they are presented. This type of accommodation will also provide Students like Kent, who experiences Emotional Disability to work alone or have some additional quiet time. This is a shift from “wait to fail” approach to a more proactive method; it is necessary to define roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. Additionally, are there any students currently experience a crisis:
• Foster Care
• Death in the family
• Birth of sibling
What type of training, and administrative support is provided about assistive technology, first aide, and how to identify characteristics of TBI, ASD ID, and LDs?
With state mandates in mind what other considerations are negotiable and non-negotiable prior to this teaching assignment?
What type of accommodations and modifications were not successful with prior ...

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...and English.
Accommodating the specific needs of learners in an inclusion class requires collaborations and a supportive administrative staff. Nonetheless, many of the accommodations provided for students with exceptionalities benefit learners of all abilities. Prior to instructions is imperative to discuss the boundaries of negotiable and non-negotiable accommodations in the classroom. Lastly, students despite their ability can learn in any environment with the appropriate resource and support.

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