Approaches For Healthcare Delivery ( Topic One ) Essays

Approaches For Healthcare Delivery ( Topic One ) Essays

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Approaches to Healthcare Delivery (Topic One)
The dichotomy of two case studies, “What if Dr. House Used Twitter” (topic one), and “Training More Country Doctors” (topic two), represent the future of healthcare delivery, and the necessity of a return of the house-call, with a blend of modern technology, respectively. Topic one is an independently organized TED event featuring Bertalan Mesko, a “Medical Futurist, and Managing Director at, who resides in Budapest, Hungary (The Medical Futurist, 2015). Looking toward the future, Mesko realizes that approximately 70% of American adults, both e-patients and medical professionals look for relevant medical and health information online, and the numbers are increasing rapidly, through blogs, social media platforms, mobile apps, and YouTube (Curating Social Media, 2015). This presents a cultural shift from traditional (doctor to patient) approaches to sharing medical information. Additionally, the value of presenting medical and health information over the internet, depends upon how reliable and accurate the information being shared is. Mesko addresses this issue not with an internet algorithm alone, but rather with a team of experts, who bring a “Human touch” through his Webcina website (Curating Social Media, 2015).
In the TED event, Mesko discusses the application of crowd-sourcing, or soliciting feedback from an interactive and interested community, using social media on topics related to healthcare (Bertalan Mesko, 2013). In understanding the benefit of crowd-sourcing, CBS Money Watch suggests that crowd-sourcing reduces the need for collecting data from formal focus groups or trend research, and is more cost effective (Alsever, 2008). Through the Webcina we...

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...recover costs in terms of physician shortages, aging population, and other factors which contribute to our high cost of healthcare.
To conclude, the additional benefit of any cost saving program that not only meets the needs of the public, fosters healthier behaviors, and creates trust between the community and the medical community, will only help to create competition for other medical organizations to provide better quality, and cost-efficient services, if they want to remain in the market to entice insured patients. Likewise, cost-cutting solutions which deliver efficient, high-quality/high-tech care, which produces healthier citizens, and reduces waste of resources, will place the U.S. in competition in the global market, and challenge countries with incentives to adopt similar methods and solutions for delivering value and containing costs.

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