Essay on Applications for Stem Cell Research

Essay on Applications for Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research
Many things evolve over time: creatures, technology, even ideas. One thing that has changed dramatically is medicine. Medicine has changed from superstitious rituals, to treatments for fevers, and to even fixing disorders that originate at birth. One thing that seems to be reliable to treat all diseases and disorders is stem cell research. Stem cell research is a valuable and beneficial tool for today’s society.
Stem cells are cells that are present at the very start of an organism’s life. Stem cells are undeveloped cells that can be transformed into cells for any purpose in the organism. These cells can be used to create completely new cells that were previously not available (Kalluri 1). The first stem cells were discovered in mice in 1981. Human stem cells were effectively cultured and differentiated in 1988 by James Thomson. James and his coworkers noticed that the stem cells were most prominent in the embryos of an organism. They concluded that the embryo needed an abundance of stem cells in order to successfully create all the cells that were needed for the body, as the body needed the cells. They also noted that stem cells decreased in count as age increased, due to stem cells wearing out from the continual abuse from undergoing the cell cycle (National 1). One example of stem cells in work is a cut. Around the cut, skin cells will duplicate to try and fill the open wound. Some stem cells from nearby bone marrow will detect the signal from the nerve endings and decide to differentiate into skin cells to assist in repairing the cut. Today, scientists have found a plethora of uses for stem cells.
There are many types of stem cells. The most abundant, and most important, stem cell is ...

... middle of paper ... awhile to prevent further disease. These stem cells are important to the way humans will combat disease and protect future generations and their children.
Stem cell research is a valuable and beneficial tool for today’s society. Stem cells are the future of medicine and cures for disease. These small building blocks are capable of doing any and every job that is required in the human body. Science and medicine have come a long way over the duration of the time. Some practices have become obsolete, some beliefs have been proven false. None the less, mankind still finds a way to move forward with their ideas, finding new, innovative solutions to problems that puzzled man’s ancestors’ ancestors. Modern medicine today may one day be archaic, but, for now, mankind is instilling to beliefs and constructing the tools for a magnificent, and prosperous, future.

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