Essay on Application Of The Transition From Student Nurse

Essay on Application Of The Transition From Student Nurse

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Student Nurse to Registered Nurse
After the arduous task of completing nursing school, and passing the necessary state boards, newly licensed registered nurses (NLRN’s) eagerly enter the field with visions of caring for people for many years. Making the transition from student nurse (SN) to registered nurse (RN) is a difficult and multidimensional exercise, studies show that the first one to two years of practice is instrumental in the general success and retention of NLRN (Clark & Springer, 2012). There are countless roadblocks that the NLRN encounters that can cause frustration and a feeling of being inadequate (Pellico, Brewer & Kovner, 2009). The implications of the NLRN not having a smooth start to their career are as obvious as they are dire; it could lead to job dissatisfaction and a high turnover rate; producing poor patient care and proving costly to hospitals (Clark & Springer, 2012). Despite over thirty years of developing programs to ease the transition, it has been difficult task and this remains to be the case (Hoffart, Waddell & Young, 2011). As the baby boomer age, the need for nurses grows, it is imperative that productive measures to develop and retain safe, competent RN’s are established.
Literature Review
Upon reviewing the literature there are several circumstances that can hinder the development of the NLRN within their first year on the job. According to Hoffart, Waddell and Young (2009), NLRN’s often cited relationships with physicians, lack of institutional support, workload and the inability to provide adequate care as some of the biggest sources of contention. Perhaps, ironically, adding to the new RN’s strife is the speed in which a license can be obtained, sometimes only a few weeks pas...

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...s never been an easy undertaking and likely never will be. Since the earliest days of nursing, new, and experienced, RN’s have had difficult working conditions; which almost certainly led to frustration at some point. There have been, and will continue to be, many attempts to alleviate the stress that comes with being a new RN. However, history suggests that while it isn’t for naught, major improvements will remain difficult to come by. One thing about making the transition is it isn’t going to happen overnight, it is necessary to be pragmatic about such a task. Recognizing the fluidity of each day and putting an emphasis on learning from every encounter, be it with a physician, nurse, patient etc., is essential in gaining confidence and improving as a clinician. There is no doubt that is going to be hard but as it is often said; if it isn’t hard it isn’t worth doing

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