Application Essay: Applying for Specialist Program in School Psychology

Application Essay: Applying for Specialist Program in School Psychology

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For the past two years, I go to work everyday carrying someone else’s problem on my shoulders, officially making it my problem to fix. I reinforced my madness by telling my self that this phase in my life will pass. The irony of it is that life passed me by as I disappeared in the mist of trying to “fix” someone else’s problem. Each one of us has our own life challenges that we face everyday. Mine has been with the duties of the heart. My fiancé has fallen into the abyss of drugs, and it has made my personal life very difficult to fully live. One positive aspect I have gained from this unfortunate experience is the understanding that life is very delicate and in order for things to change in our lives we have to make changes. I am determined to invest my energy and time to productive and tangible outcomes such as my education.

My first experience working with children affected by autism was in an inclusion school program. This inspired my interest in working with developmentally challenged children. I walked in the facility and my abilities just came naturally to me. The passion to make contributions in the world of Pervasive Developmental Disorders continues to amplify. The pursuit of my career path was clearly defined, and I want to follow my aspiration through completing a degree for the Specialist Program in School Psychology.

My work and school experience has stimulated and reinforced my objectivity in the field of psychology. I am currently working at Nova Southeastern University in the Baudhuin Preschool as a Teacher’s Aide for Autistic children for the past two years. I have gained significant knowledge on how to utilize research based ABA curriculum, STAR, to perform instructional methods of discrete trials train...

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...d genuinely caring. They also decided that I convey my teaching, listening, and communicating abilities in both a professional and personal manner. I think that my personality is a great attribute for helping other people, and in fact it solidifies what I want to do as a career.

I am confident that I will be an excellent candidate for the graduate program offered at Nova Southeastern University for the Specialist Program in School Psychology. I have gained the necessary experience and knowledge from my education and work environment to enable me to make major contributions to your organization. I am highly aware of the prestigious reputation Nova Southeastern University carries and that is the why I have chosen to attend such a prominent organization in conquering my professional goals. I hope to have the honor in continuing my studies at your fine institution.

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