Essay on Apple 's Project Management Plan

Essay on Apple 's Project Management Plan

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Program Management Plan
Program management is the consistent management of a set of interrelated projects designed to accomplish a single outcome.
Through Apple’s innovative enterprise approach, we seek to generate personal computing products which have higher quality at lower unit costs than the previously available one. In order to manage projects effectively in the program,
• Apple aims to minimize the uncertainty in the innovative process while making sure the abilities and incentives of executives who exercise strategic control over the projects.
• Apple sustains the process from the time at which investments in productive capabilities are made until the innovative products come onto the market.
• Apple develops an action plan which is also called ‘Rules of the Road’ to set every significant milestone of the projects from the development process to the end (Panzarino, 2012).
• In Apple’s Program Management Plan process, we will mainly focus on (1) Initiating process; (2) Planning process; (3) Executing process; (4) Monitoring & Controlling process and (5) Closing process as described below in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Program Management Process Plan

Change Management Plan and Communication Plan
This change management and communication plan have been developed by the Apple’s Portfolio Management team in order to provide an outline of the firm’s change and communication management approach.
Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and individuals. As a company, our innovative approach forces us to adapt ourselves to changes without allowing them to affect the ongoing projects’ objectives in terms their budgets, schedule and scopes. We believe that the ch...

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...ffective strategic allocation of its resources to the development and utilization of its productive resources to support its innovative investment strategies. Effective strategic control brings power to Apple’s decision-makers to allocate its resources to confront the technological, market, and competitive uncertainties which are inherent in the innovation process.
As an implementation of its innovative strategy in organizational integration level, Apple encourages its employees who have different hierarchical responsibilities and functional capabilities to apply their skills and efforts to achieve its strategic objectives. Besides employees’ work satisfaction comes from positive work environment, Apple is aware that other forms of compensations such as promotions, reward system and other benefits are crucial instruments to engage individuals into the organization.

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