Apple 's Brand Is Worth $ 145.3 Billion Dollars Essay

Apple 's Brand Is Worth $ 145.3 Billion Dollars Essay

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Apple’s brand is worth $145.3 billion dollars (Badenhousen, 2015). The company was the top brand on Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands for a fifth straight time in 2015. Apple is worth two times as much as any other company on the entire planet, but spends only a little over billion dollars a year on advertising which is a third of what some other electronics companies spends (Badenhousen, 2015). The company relies on it loyal following of fans to promote its products. In the past 15 years, Apple has revolutionized four electronic industries, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes.
Apple and Education:
“We believe that technology has the power to transform the classroom. It can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking ideas. Yet the foundation never changes: A dedication to learning that’s always been part of our DNA. We’ve been proud to work alongside educators and students to reinvent what it means to teach and learn. And together we’re doing things we never thought possible.” (, 2016)
Keeping in tune with our commitment to education, Tumble iPad for kids will be the latest addition to our very successful iPad line. Customers will be able to experience Apple’s exclusive technology and software that is unsurpassed by the rest. By collaborating with some of the top learning companies in the world has enabled us to fill this device with content that is fortified by the Apple brand which is reliable, innovative, and resilient. Individuals as well as educational institutions will benefit from an exceptional learning device which will offer access to programs that lead to a wealth of endless learning growth and possibilities.
5.4. Price
Retail price:
• Tumble iPad for Kids will be available at all Apple re...

... middle of paper ... childhood learning centers which includes daycares, schools, and medical facilities that treat and work with very young children. Customers will be able to purchase Tumble iPad for Kids directly from their local authorized retailers, online retailers, and directly from Apple via the Internet or by contacting Apple customer service by telephone.
• Tumble iPad for Kids will be distributed directly from Apple Inc. warehouses through orders placed by Apple authorized dealers which includes:
• Apple stores,, carrier partners and a network of resellers,
• Third-party retail outlets Target, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and other retailers.
• All third-party websites including,, and others are authorized to sell Apple products.
• All contract mobile carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon will sell Tumble iPad for Kids.

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