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Apollo Is A God? Essay

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In the world of Greek Mythology, Gods are blessed with incredible appearances and have fantastic abilities. Apollo is a god that is a perfect personification of every expectation most people have of Greek Gods. The gift of beauty is a gift that Apollo has in abundance, and he is also a very generous god. This characteristic of Apollo is shown in the story of Apollo 's birth. Gods were also prone to having an incredible amount of sexual drive, and Apollo is a god with a list of partners miles long. The most interesting aspect of Apollo is the fact that even though Apollo is a god, he is still very human. He is someone that does contradictory actions by lashing out at others with intensity of vigor, but also champions restraint and self discipline. He is the god that all people can relate to and strive to be more like. Apollo is truly a god that is someone that we as people and a society can relate to.
Just as you would expect of a typical God, Apollo had a very extraordinary birth story. Apollo is the child of Zeus and Leto, and is the twin brother of the god Artemis. Apollo was born second, because Leto was not welcome in most cities or nations. This is because Hera was angry with Zeus for having an extramarital affair, so most of these places were afraid to take her in and having to risk the wrath of Athena. It wasn 't until Leto came across the small, decrepit island of Delos that she found the birthplace of Apollo. Leto offered for Apollo to make his temple on the island of Delos, and Delos gladly agreed. This is evidenced when Morford, Lenardon, and Sham write, "Leto, most renowned daughter of great Coeus, I should receive your son..." (Morford, Lenardon, and Sham 226). After this Apollo was born, and the island...

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..., Apollo can act irrationally, as most humans do in the face of love. He irrationally chased after Daphne, and caused her to become a tree, and in his obsession still took possession of her. He also acted in anger with Cassandra when he made no one believe her prophecies because she denied him. The trials of Apollo and his love life seem like a direct reflection of most people 's lives. All in all, Apollo is truly the most relatable god, because of the fact that he was so incredibly dualistic nature. He is the god of reason, medicine, and prophecy, which are all very self disciplining pursuits. However he can act on a whim and purely based on emotion, as when he murdered Greek troops in Troy with a plague because his priest asked him to. While Apollo is a God in every sense of the word, he is also a very complex individual that is also incredibly human.

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