Anorexia Nervosa Among Adolescents And Young Adults Essay

Anorexia Nervosa Among Adolescents And Young Adults Essay

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Population affected
Bulimia Nervosa is commonly diagnosed amongst adolescents and young adults. Typically, bulimia nervosa patients are normal weight size. Bulimia nervosa is diagnosed in all ethnic groups. However, most associate the disease with Caucasians. The female gender is commonly associated with this disorder. The article states, “BN is also characterized by an overvaluation of shape and weight, which influences self-evaluation” (Pearson, Wonderlich, & Smith, 2015). This explains why young females are commonly diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Another researcher shows “The overall prevalence of bulimia nervosa rates for females 1.3% of the population while males are at 0.1% of the population.” (Gamble, 2015).
Adolescent females are one of two populations most affected by bulimia nervosa. It is suggested that this disease starts in the adolescent stage and continues into young adulthood. Researchers reported, “A portion of preadolescent or early adolescent girls engage in binge eating and purging behavior” (Pearson, Wonderlich, & Smith, 2015). This population also suffers from other mental and social issues. Compared to non- bulimic adolescents, reported thoughts of suicide are higher (Grange & Lock, 2013).
Adolescents deal with emotions in general, However bulimic adolescents cope with their emotions differently. Research identifies a correlation between bulimic adolescents and emotional eating. The article defines emotional eating as a person who eats to cope with negative emotions such as anger and loneliness (Pearson, Wonderlich, & Smith, 2015). It further states that someone who engages in emotional eating will start to feel like they have lost control and cannot stop once they feel the negative emotions (Pearson,...

... middle of paper ... over the western culture. It is essential that awareness of bulimia nervosa is brought into the community. There are five government approved organizations that are involved with community knowledge on bulimia nervosa. Academy for Eating Disorders or AED, American Psychological Association, National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, National Eating Disorders Association and National Institute of Mental Health. AED organization primarily is for professionals to stay current on eating disorders and this organization also connects researchers. AED provides the community with education and treatment options
After researching community involvement there are seven places in North Carolina that treat and bring awareness to eating disorders. The closest locations to Fayetteville, North Carolina are located in Raleigh and Durham North Carolina.

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