Annotated Bibliography On Phonological Skills Essay

Annotated Bibliography On Phonological Skills Essay

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Dr. Fischer
CDIS 3150
18 September 2015
Reading and Summarizing Research
1. List the important words in the title of this article (not the Key Words).
• Title: Phonological Skills in English Language Learners
• Important words: English Language Learners (ELLs)
2. What is the purpose of the article as stated in the abstract?
• To publish a work that has proof of second learned language being affected by the originally learned, first language
3. Who were the subjects or participants? (Include information on the number of subjects and any important subject characteristics you read in the abstract.)
• Subjects: 19 Canadian children (ranging from one month old to six years) with first languages other than Canadian (Morrow 29).
4. What were the results of the study? Again, taking notes, use only the information from the abstract and summarize!!
• All the children’s accuracy increased (except for one) in the vowel accuracy section and the consonant accuracy section
5. Why do the authors believe it is important to investigate the phonological skills of English language learners? (Look for two reasons!)
• Child’s second language phonological skills will increase as time goes on along with influences from different life experiences (Morrow 29).
• Different sociolinguistic variables such as age of arrival, age of exposure, English use, months of exposure, and age will significantly relate to phonological skills (Morrow 29).
6. Read the rest of the introduction and list in your own words two important facts or ideas from each sub-section: theoretical framework; vowel and consonant accuracy; whole-word measures; phonological patterns; and, sociolinguistic variables and phonological skills.
• First important fact: Theoretical Framework (Mor...

... middle of paper ...

...udy as stated at the beginning of the discussion.
• The purpose was to observe English language learners and see how much improvement they had at the end of 24 months.
• Every section of accuracy improved for the ELLs at the end of the study which made this study completely worth it.
15. List clinical implications.
• SLPs should examine the phonological skills of ELLs from multiple perspectives (Morrow 38).
• SLPs should also determine accuracy of individual sound classes and percentages of occurrence on a wide range of phonological patterns (Morrow 38).
• SLPs should be aware that ELLs produce different phonological patterns than their monolingual peers

Morrow, A., Goldstein, B.A., Hilhool, A., & Paradis, J. (2014). Phonological skills in English language learners. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 45, 26-39.

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