Essay on Animals Are Victims Of Human Animals

Essay on Animals Are Victims Of Human Animals

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There are 8.7 million species in the world and there are now about 41,415 species on the red list. 16,306 of these animals are in danger of extinction (Black par. 1). Animals are victims of human’s power: with human animals are used to satisfy their desires, with animals humans’ actions are their death sentence. Animals should be kept in the zoo to get protected from extinction due to climate change, human consumption and to build human-animal interaction for educational benefit.
Since Industrial Revolution, human activities such as the development of agriculture, and deforestation for the economic purpose are causing serious environmental damage. Habitat loss caused by these activities lead to species extinction worldwide. Due to global warming the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that 20 to 30 percent of animals could be at risk of extinction in 2100; the U. S. Geological Survey predicted that two-thirds of the world’s polar bear will be extinct by 2050 due to global warming (“Global Warming and Polar Bears” par. 4). It is true that we can’t protect all animals in the world, but why we give up instead of giving a try? The zoo is an amusement park, instead, its fundamental purpose is to promote wildlife conservation. All these animals have one thing in common. They are all in danger of disappearing, and zoos are trying to help save them. Many people argued that keeping animals in the zoo will take away animals’ freedom. But thinking deeply into what we did to our environment, animals should be kept in the zoo for greater protection. The zoo is trying to study the habits of animals to figure the most suitable artificial environment for animals. Zoo also provides health care and services to animals, and many an...

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...ater appreciation for wildlife inside each visitors. They aren 't just places to see wild animals in cages anymore. Most zoos offer educational programming including stories, songs, activities, and provide petting and feeding areas. Creating an opportunity to come face to face with animals, the zoo offers amazing benefits for both children and adults. A zoo is a great place for children to understand the importance of taking care of the environment and its significant impact on animals’ lives.
Humans have viewed animals’ lives through the idea of self-importance. We are creating a perfect world for ourselves, but dramatically affecting animals’ lives. Animal is the bridge between us and the beauty of nature. Due to global warming, and human’s consumption animals should be kept in the zoo which is a perfect place for both animals protection and educational benefits.

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