Animal Testing : The Medical Field Archaic Or Necessary Practice? Essay

Animal Testing : The Medical Field Archaic Or Necessary Practice? Essay

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Animal Testing in the Medical Field Archaic or Necessary Practice?
Animal testing has been prevalent in the medical field for almost the entire existence of the medical field. Animals have been used to do everything from developing surgical procedures to vaccines; it has led to huge leaps and bound in the medical research field. However there has been a lot of controversy lately about whether or not animal testing is still relevant in today’s world. Many drugs that have not gone through animal testing have led to human deaths or disfigurements that have a count in the thousands. People believe that animal testing is similar to animal abuse given the way that organizations such as PETA respond to even the possibility of animal testing. That is the furthest thing from what animal testing actually is. Animals are treated as humanely as possible; many animals don’t even feel pain while they are a part of a drug trail. Government agencies such as the FDA also put strict regulations about what a company can do to an animal and how they have to go about a drug trial if they are using an animal (Geoff Watts “ Animal Testing: Is It Worth It”). Without animal testing there would be fewer lifesaving cures and procedures for doctors to utilize. These procedures and medications have lead to a rise in human life expectancy and human health over all. Animal testing in the medical field is currently a necessity since the alternative methods are not as reliable.
Animal testing is one of the steps that many drugs have to go through in order to get approved in the United States with regards to the federal drug administration. However this was not the case for many years until a preparation called diethylene glycol also known as Elixir Sulfanilamide...

... middle of paper ...

...imal testing in the medical field is a necessary tool that we as humans have to use if we want to continue the progress that we have made over the last several years in the biomedical field. Due to how risky it is to have drugs like thalidomide that are released without animal testing. Now I am not saying that there should not be research into alternative methods to animal testing it is just that animal testing is the most reliable thing that out there right now. So for as long as animal testing is the most accurate method that we have at our disposal than we have to utilize it in order to try and increase the standard of living for humans. Animal testing is something that we have to utilize in order to help people, but we should always be looking to refine the alternative methods to animal testing and start in order to be able to phase animals out of medical testing

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