Essay on Animal Rights And The Human Rights Movement

Essay on Animal Rights And The Human Rights Movement

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The animal rights group PETA has over five million members, making it the largest of it’s kind (About PETA). The goal of this group and others like it, is to give animals rights on the basis that they are equal to humans. They do this because they believe that we are currently manipulating animals and not treating them properly. This is the basis for the animal rights movement.

Animal Rights has been a topic of discussion within the United States for decades, however, with the recent rise of the internet and social media, the size of the groups advocating for animal rights has increased dramatically, the same can be said for the demands of these groups. The current animal rights movement is a flawed philosophy with groups with a level of extremism that can is comparable to radicalized Islam. This paper will first analyze the radicalized views in the current animal rights movement, it will then examine the flaws in the policies of the animal rights movement, and finally this paper will examine the flaws with the philosophy of animal rights.

When compared to the animal welfare movement, it becomes apparent how extreme the views of animal rights are. The animal welfare movement believes that animals should be treated humanely and that humans should be responsible for the care of animals. This approach is mainly opposed to animal cruelty and advocates for ethical standards of living for animals, and does not oppose using animals as a food source. Animal rights advocates for more radical changes like the complete elimination of animals as a food source and the phasing out of pets. This is justified by saying that all animals are equivalent to humans and thus, should be given rights equivalent to those given to hum...

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... of animals that reported to be at the shelter. Groups like PETA continue to patronize the meat-industry for using animals for food, while at the same time killing thousands of pets because they do not believe in having pets. This seems to illustrate the fact that only some animals get rights. The hypocrisy shown by the animal rights movement is a flaw that cannot be overlooked when examining this group.

The animal rights movement is a very large and very influential group, however, many aspects of this group are flawed. The flaws present in this group include their extreme views, their policies including the eradication of pets and the elimination of animals as a food source, and their flawed philosophy and finally, their hypocrisy. It is important to understand the flaws in this movement because of how powerful it has become and how much influence it has gained.

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