Animal Experimentation And Its Benefits Essay

Animal Experimentation And Its Benefits Essay

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When analyzing the effectiveness of animal experimentation and its benefits, one must also remember to include the topic from an economic standpoint. To start off, one must understand where all of the money for animal experimentation comes from. According to the PETA (and confirmed by the NIH), government grants specifically designed to tackle specific diseases keep animal experimentation afloat, such as those designed for fighting different varieties of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Similarly, government funded agencies such as America’s National Institute of Health (NIH) provide animal experiments with a sufficient budget. Besides the government, other funding for various animal experiments falls in the hands of normal everyday charities such as The March of Dimes and UNICEF (the United Nation’s Children’s Fund).
According to the Guardian, an American newspaper, the money now goes to three basic slots, all benefiting the work of animal research: scientific equipment, the payroll of all of the scientists, and finally, the animals themselves. According to the book Specious Science: Why Experiments on Animals Harm Humans, the need for equipment and animals has spawned its own industry thanks to animal providers such as Charles River Laboratories and the Harlan Sprague Dawley, with the former claiming to have a profit of about $140 million while the latter claims to have $60 million, both in 1998. The usual price for equipment ranges from $7,215-for Stereotaxic device designed for animals such as cats and monkeys-to $9,600-for treadmills designed for rodents to run on. Typically, the final cost of combining equipment, salary, and animal costs together adds up to $432,705. The price remains a bone of contenti...

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...of its control has even led to the establishment of various charitable foundations filling in the roles of brokers.
All in all, when analyzing the economics of animal testing, one can garner such vital knowledge as this: Animal testing is mainly government funded but also partially reliant on charitable actions. The economics of animal testing can be analyzed in three different lenses: scientific equipment, paychecks, and the animals in question being tested. Though the former is quite expensive, the costs of utilizing animals has become the scapegoat for this medical section’s hefty fine. However, the amount of animals needed is crucial for the future of scientific breakthroughs. This can easily be fixed though with various forms of experimentation that don’t necessarily have to use animals, but keep costs down and rack in tons of information.

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