Essay on 12 Angry Men: The Importance of Personality in Negotiation

Essay on 12 Angry Men: The Importance of Personality in Negotiation

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Personality can influence relationships, processes, style, and tactics during the negotiation process. Negotiating success can be attributed to the negotiator understanding his or her personality while being aware of the personalities of others (Budjac Corvette, 2007). Many times people understand themselves but do not fully understand their effect on others. A negotiator needs to take note of the common types of behaviors that people exhibit during negotiations when determining how the negotiation will unfold. In the movie “Twelve Angry Men”, juror number eight demonstrates an understanding of the effect of personality and behavior when building relationships, setting moods, and gaining power (Fonda & Rose, 1957).
To understand the effect personality has on negotiation one must first understand what personality is. According to Berens and Nardi, personality is both inborn and conditioned by the environment (1999). An individual’s personality consists of layers that build from the inside out. The core self exists from the day a person is born. The core self begins in a person’s DNA and defines ones predisposition to behave certain ways. The core tendencies one possesses can influence how one adapts, grows, and develops. This developed self is influenced by ones choices, interactions, and roles. The final layer of one’s personality is called the contextual self. This layer of one’s personality describes how one behaves in a given situation. Considering the interrelated layers that form an individual’s personality one can see that there are key components of personality that can affect a negotiators interaction (Budjac Corvette, 2007). Emotional stability, conscientiousness, locus of control, competitiveness, and se...

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...ming alliances and exposing bad behaviors a viable tactic for attaining juror number eights goal for the negotiation.

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