Essay about Andrew Jackson : Good Or Bad?

Essay about Andrew Jackson : Good Or Bad?

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Andrew Jackson: Good or Bad?
Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and was one of the most controversial presidents ever. Jackson initially gained national fame through his role in the War of 1812, where he led a victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans. Three year laters, Jackson invaded the Spanish-Florida territory which directed to the Adams-Onis Treaty. Although Andrew Jackson proved to be a great military strategist, his unneeded hostility, which was brought out in the Spoils System, the Indian Removal Act, and the ongoing feud with the National Bank, ultimately classify him as poor president.
Jackson’s spoils system opened government positions to only his supporters and he had little tolerance for other political leaders including his vice president. Jackson created a precedent to hire only those in a his own party to work for the administration infamously known as the spoils system. He only hired his friends and supporters with disregard to whether or not they were fit for the job. He had little tolerance for other political parties and was extremely controlling for that matter. Opposition did not sit well with him. South Carolina was opposed to the Tariff of 1816 because of its harmful effects to the South’s economy. In response, South Carolina attempted to raise the taxes imposed by the tariff even higher to harm the North’s economy and force the regulation’s repeal. This failed, and as a result the state turned to sectionalist notions to protect its economy. In 1832, it voted numerous supporters of this idea into power in the state, and declared full nullification of the Tariff of 1816 on the grounds that Congress unconstitutionally implemented it. John C. Calhoun, Jackson’s vice p...

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... the Second National Bank to smaller, state banks. When Congress returned from its summer recess, it censured him for his actions. In 1836, Bank of US was dead, and the new democratic-congressmen expunged Jackson’s censure. Because Jackson had no formal plan for managing the nation’s funds after the Second National Bank closed, it caused problems in Van Buren’s administration. He destroyed the Bank of the United States, in the main, for personal reasons. Jackson hated the bank before his presidency because as a wealthy land and slave owner he had lost money due to its fiscal policies. He believed that Congress had no right under the constitution to charter a bank.
Overall, Andrew Jackson’s actions and stubbornness further prove the negative impact Jackson’s presidency had on this nation. He was not a man of the people. He was domineering, ruthless, and stubborn.

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