The And Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act Essay example

The And Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act Essay example

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With the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, consumers began to compare and select qualified health plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2013. As a new program, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’s (CMS’s) outreach for the Health Insurance Marketplace focused on helping people across the country understand their new choices when it comes to finding a quality health plan that best meets their budget and health needs through or

For the first Open Enrollment period that began in 2013, CMS conducted intense outreach and education so consumers knew how to access the Marketplace to shop for private health care coverage. CMS also conducted outreach to consumers to educate them about the new benefits from the law to help people purchase affordable health plans, as well as the law’s penalty for individuals who choose to not buy health insurance.

As more consumers become familiar with the Marketplace, CMS continues to conduct outreach about the Marketplace’s deadlines during its Open Enrollment period, similar to the outreach conducted during Medicare’s Open Enrollment period. If consumers miss the Marketplace’s Open Enrollment deadline, they will most likely have to wait a full year before they can make changes to their private coverage and will be at risk to pay a penalty for not having health coverage. The advertising and public relations efforts for Marketplace Open Enrollment are critical to helping consumers understand their new options and enrollment deadlines, so that consumers may make informed decisions about the choices available to them and their families. CMS is building on what we learned over the last two years of educating consumers about the...

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...ately ensure program goals are met.

As a result of our past outreach efforts, 12.7 million more Americans have quality, affordable health insurance and now enjoy better access to healthcare, financial security and the peace-of-mind that comes from being covered. Additionally, the funding dedicated to this year’s campaign is being specifically programmed at the tactical level using detailed ROI analysis from last year’s outreach efforts. I am confident any additional investments we make will yield even greater results. Our initial benchmarking already shows that the Marketplace’s lead generation and average enrollment costs are well in line with unofficial industry estimates.

Thank you again for taking time to share your concerns. If you or your staff have questions, please feel free to contact Jim Esquea, Assistant Secretary for Legislation, at (202) 690-7627.

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