Ancient Egypt : A Large And Prominent Civilization Essay

Ancient Egypt : A Large And Prominent Civilization Essay

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Ancient Egypt was a large and prominent civilization, located in Northern Africa, known for its rich culture and polytheistic religion which helped shape its empire. Religion was consistently associated with every aspect of ancient Egypt, including its government, which consisted of a Pharaoh who was not only the ruler, but the God too. As religion was based off polytheism, there were over 2000 Gods and Goddesses including the Pharaoh. The afterlife was also a big part of their beliefs. When a person died, it was believed that he or she would transition to the next stage of life, which was better and peaceful. When the pharaoh died, their God would pass to an afterlife with the rest of their Gods and Goddesses. One of the most well known Gods was Osiris who was identified as the God of death, the afterlife, and the underworld.
Osiris’s origin is very vague, but it is said that he was supposedly the son of the earth god Geb and the sky Goddess Nut, who reigned over a small and ancient city called Busiris, in the Delta. It is said he possessed human form as this time, and was married to his sister Isis, Goddess of magic and enchantment. When his father passed away, being the oldest son, he inherited the throne at a time when Egyptians were uncivilized and depended on cannibalism. Osiris disliked this and decided to go out of his way to teach them farming and many aspects of agriculture along with teaching them to worship Gods. He created new laws to organize Egypt and to create stability. Through this process Osiris gained great respect and admiration of the civilians and became one of the most important Gods in the polytheistic religion. He was initially known as the God of the Nile and vegetation. He also conquered northern Egypt...

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...good, and Jesus was the savior of humanity, whose death helped erase his people’s sin and promised them heaven for believing and doing good. Isis raised Osiris and the virgin Mary raised Jesus. Osiris fought Seth while Jesus claimed satan to be the enemy. There were many more similarities between the religions in the ancient times that are still believed and practiced today.
Ancient Egypt was a great empire that was ruled by one of the most famous and crucial Gods of a polytheistic religion, that is now compared to the most practiced religions of the modern world. This shows the importance of knowing the story of Osiris and how it not only affected the lives of ancient Egyptians, but the lives of many people today. Through Osiris’s life, we can understand the history of ancient Egypt and how it became to be one of the most prominent civilizations in the world.

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