Essay on Analyzing The Other Night I Had A Dream

Essay on Analyzing The Other Night I Had A Dream

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The other night I had a dream. My dream had thematic structure to it. There was a knock at my door. I walked down my hallway to open the door. The hallway in my dream was much longer then it truly is. As I opened the door, I realized I was naked. The man seemed familiar as if he were my friend, but his face was nobody I know. He stood at least 50 feet away from the door, waving. It was icy out but I decided to stand there, naked. I asked him what he wanted and he told me I needed to make "Thanksgiving Thankful Cards." I thanked him and came inside to make coffee. The man did not speak once more, but followed me the rest of the dream. I carefully put the right amount of cream in my coffee and kept lifting the sugar up and to examine it. Next, I was in my room searching for my set of owl earrings. I ended up cutting my pillow with a huge knife and found my earrings in its feathers. I put them on. After that I made a phone call to my Chiropractor, I canceled our appointment. I walked out of my home, which seemed much larger than it actually is. I marched into my chiropractor 's office. As she adjusted me, I explained again why I needed to cancel and reschedule.
Before I analyze my dream, there is some information to know about my reality. "Thanksgiving Thankful Cards" is a tradition I made for our family. I completely forgot that I need to make them, until I was reminded in my dream. My chiropractor told me recently I have a deteriorating spinal cord, which explains why my neck has been aching. Recently, I have been ordering sugary caramel lattes.
Using Freud 's Psychoanalytic Theory, there is plenty to look at and discuss about my dream. Before doing so, we have to know what Freud 's Psychoanalytic Theor...

... middle of paper ...

... person are concerned about or have strong feelings about turns into something or someone else. Freud would interpret this as my unconscious mind turning my Doctor into a pillow. If it were to have been my Doctor, I would have felt guilty, so my unconscious mind protected me. My home in my dream was a lot larger than it really is. The latent content would be that I may worry about security for myself and appearance to others. This would also fall under the condensation process of turning troubling thoughts and discomforts into more desirable ones.
Freud 's Theory works well with my dream. As with many of my dreams actually. He was a giant in the world of psychology. Even after being gone for 70 years, we are still exploring his provocative theories. Although there much more I could look at in my dream using his theory, I will leave the rest to the imagination.

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