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Analyzing Paul's Letter Essay

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The first Roman numeral is created separate from the others, because it represents the introduction and greetings of Paul. Paul identifies himself as the sender of the letter. He also describes the recipients of the letter, both Jews and Gentiles seen in point c. Paul also takes the time to identify the gospel that he preaches and believes in. This is for good reason, since, he has not made contact with the roman Christian community or their basis of their belief (point b).
II. In the second Roman numeral, Paul transitions from greetings to a different topic in his letter. Paul shares a prayer and fellowship desires with the new community of believers, he will soon encounter in his journey. This is supported through point a, where Paul shares his prayer of thanksgiving for this community and their faith. Point b describes how their mutual faith is one that should serve a purpose of unification. Lastly, point c ends this section with a brief description of the thesis of his letter. That is that, Faith is the key to righteousness before God.
III. If the second numeral served as Paul’s thesis statement, then the third numeral is one of the supporting details for this thesis. This is a change in topic from thesis to supporting evidence. The supporting detail is under the category of explaining the purpose of the gospel through the concept of righteousness as it pertains to Jews and gentiles, under the context of God’s judgment (point b, i), deeds (point b ii), and the law of moses (point b, iii). The concept of righteousness unified amonst theses two groups of Jews and Gentiles , when Peter erases the Jewish ethnicity privilege for salvation. He further unifies them by categorizing both groups under the c...

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...ated as a different topic. Paul describes his ministry and his prospective travels to the community of Romans (see point a). In point (b,i) Paul makes a recommendation of a fellow believer, Phoebe. In point (b, ii) Paul makes a warning to the community and that is to live out their faith without dissensions and offenses.
XI. Roman numeral XI is separated from the previous concluding thoughts because Paul introduces people who are greeting the Church of Rome, as well as his concluding statement on the message of faith
Paul even includes the writer who is writing the letter for Paul. This allows to reveal the network of people in collaboration with the ministry. Point b, is lastly a blessing of farewell which encourages the community to continue in the gospel of faith which was once a hidden secret from the gentiles but revealed in Jesus Christ.

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