Essay on Analytical Annotated Bibliography : Antidepressant Safe For Adolescent

Essay on Analytical Annotated Bibliography : Antidepressant Safe For Adolescent

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Analytical Annotated Bibliography of “Antidepressant Safe for Adolescent?”
Cougnard, A, and Verdoux, et al. “Impact of antidepressants on the risk of suicide in patients with depression in real-life conditions.” Psychological Medicine, vol. 39, no. 8, Aug. 2009, pp.1307-15. Academic Search Complete, dio: 10.1017/S003329170800473X
Cougnard and Verdoux discussed some of the impact of depression treatment in teens. The purpose of the article is to determine whether antidepressant treatment is connected to increase risk of suicide in teen. In contrast with teen who are depress, but not taking antidepressant. Cougnard and Verdoux trying to camper which risk is higher; the patience with antidepressant’s side effect or the depression patience without any treatment at all. The audience of this article can be the general public who is confuse whiter the use of antidepressant is good or bad, and audience can also be people who are researching on the topic. Authors have talk about different experiments that have been done to determine risk associated with Antidepressant. Such as: experts had monitor the side effect in teen and compare teen who were taking antidepressant to the teen who were not on antidepressant. Then, at the end it was determine that there were no dramatic different. In fact, teens without antidepressant were more depressed and more prone to suicide than Maliha
then teens who were taking antidepressant. According to the authors, the decision of considering antidepressant to be the reason for increase suicide in teens, might be doubtful.

Isacsson, Göran, and Charles Rich. “Antidepressant Drugs and the Risk of Suicide in Children and Adolescents.” Pediatric Drugs, vol. 16, no. 2, Jan. 2014, pp115-22. Academic Search Complet...

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... adolescents. The Author discusses lot of questions related to how FDA and pharmaceutical companies got to the conclusion of these warnings. According to authors, suicidal behavior in teens have been believe to increase with the use of antidepressants. In this article authors bring up lot of suggests about how experts can reevaluate the use of antidepressant for teens, and what can be done to make use of antidepressant safer for teens. One of their suggest is to grope out patience who might be more prone to have suicidal thoughts from the patients who are less like to have these thoughts; to evaluate what type of patience are more prone to suicidal thoughts and what other factors that can led result of this side effete. They also suggested that pediatricians should have faculty in primary care sitting to closely monitor young patients who are taking antidepressant.

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