Essay on Analysis Tools For A Company Brand Image And Reputation

Essay on Analysis Tools For A Company Brand Image And Reputation

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Analysis Tools

Value chain

Five forces
Threat of New Entry (Weak):
• Large amount of capital required
• High retaliation possible from existing companies, if new entrants would bring innovative products and ideas to the industry
• Few legal barriers protect existing companies from new entrants
• All automotive companies have established brand image and reputation
• Products are mainly differentiated by design and engineering quality
• New entrant could easily access suppliers and distributors
• It is very hard to achieve economies of scale for small companies
• Governments often protect their home markets by introducing high import taxes

Supplier power (Weak):
• Large number of suppliers
• Some suppliers are large but the most of them are pretty small
• Companies use another type of material (use one metal instead of another) but only to some extent (plastic instead of metal)
• Materials widely accessible
• Suppliers do not pose any threat of forward integration

Buyer power (Strong):
• There are many buyers
• Most of the buyers are individuals that buy one car, but corporates or governments usually buy large fleets and can bargain for lower prices
• It doesn’t cost much for buyers to switch to another brand of vehicle or to start using other type of transportation
• Buyers can easily choose alternative car brand
• Buyers are price sensitive and their decision is often based on how much does a vehicle cost
• Buyers do not threaten backward integration

Threat of Substitutes (Weak):
• There are many alternative types of transportation, such as bicycles, motorcycles, trains, buses or planes
• Substitutes can rarely offer the same convenience
• Alternative types of transportation almost always cost les...

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...ce. No other automobile manufacturer can do it as well as Toyota does. This distinct competence has led to a competitive advantage that has given Toyota a sustainable brand name and a market leader position.

BCG Matrix

High Relative Market Share Low Relative Market Share

High market growth STAR
• Lexus- luxury sedans
• Prius hybrid
• Land Cruiser SUV
• Scion – for youth in USA
• Camry / Corolla – as hybrids
• Bio –fuel, Solar –powered , hydrogen gas
• Diesel engine cars for India, Southeast Asia
• Small cars for India / China
• More SUVs and MPVs : Fortuner

Low market growth CASH COW
• Camry , Corolla sedans
• Innova , Venza –MPV
• Daihatsu -small cars
• Celica , MR2 -for youth
• Tundra –pick-up
• Crown, Cressida, Corona, Quails: Withdrawn
• Declining markets in UK, Europe
• Petrol cars to be phased –out

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