Essay on Analysis Of Wallace 's Speech ' His Style

Essay on Analysis Of Wallace 's Speech ' His Style

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The most recognizable characteristic that contributes to the effectiveness in Wallace 's speech is his style. The first component of his style begins right at the start of the speech when he tells the story of the fish. This is a parable and he uses these as a technique to engage the audience. Each of these parables have a different message behind them, but each meaning contributes to Wallace 's main purpose of this speech. For example, the story of the atheist and the religious man demonstrates blind-certainty and close-mindedness. Wallace tells this story to introduce the idea of thinking critically about others ' views, but more importantly to have the audience question their own beliefs. The use of these stories is a clever strategy because it gives an entertaining break from all of Wallace 's advice and opinions. He is working these stories into the text in order ignite ideas in the audience and then redirecting their ideas to support his own claim.
Another component to Wallace 's style is how he presents his claims and from what point of view. Obviously, he is very educated and has more experience in life than the audience he is speaking to. He could have used this fact to present the speech with superiority or self-importance. Instead he speaks with a conversational manner that allows the audience to perceive him as a peer or an equal. For this reason directly, his audience can relate to him and his advice. At one point in the speech he begins to talk about the cliché of commencement speeches, that a liberal arts education is about "teaching you how to think". He then puts himself back into his student shoes when he states, "If you 're like me as a student, you’ve never liked hearing this, and you tend to feel a bit insul...

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...the advice onto the reader with an aggressive tone. This can also be a technique used by authors in order for them to get their advice across to the audience. In the novel Out of Sheer Rage, the author Geoff Dyer writes about how he is always disappointed in his life and actually enjoys this. In Dyer 's novel, his message is the complete opposite of Wallace 's and his tone throughout the excerpt is also the complete opposite. After Dyer explains that he mutters and curses under his breathe whenever something goes wrong he also states, "On the surface I may grin and bear it but in my head I am thinking of wreaking a hideous vengeance on whoever it is that seems responsible for whatever small inconvenience I have suffered" (Dyer). In my view, using the aggressive tone is very ineffective because it feels as though the author, Dyer in this case, is attacking the reader.

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