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  • Commencement Speech: Nora Ephron's Speech

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    SACE NO: 74122G (S.C.Bur) Text type 4: Folio Part one: Response to an Example of Communication Word count: 999 Name of Speech: Commencement Address to Wellesley Class of 1996 – Nora Ephron Commencement speeches, which are presented in American graduation ceremonies, aim to inspire and motivate. Successfully, Nora Ephron 's commencement speech addressed to the Wellesley Class of 1996; inspired her audience to "be the heroine of [their '] li[ves], not the victim". Through anecdotes, Ephron explored

  • Analysis Of The Stanford Commencement Speech

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    Stanford Commencement Ceremony is a very prestigious, it is an honor to be asked to speak for it. In 2005 Steve Jobs was invited to speak at Stanford’s Commencement Ceremony and he delivered his speech where some of his most famous quotes came from, such as “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” -Steve Jobs. When he steps up to the podium viewers can tell that the crowed has high expectations for his speech. For Steve Jobs the 2005 Stanford Commencement speech was a success because he had a clear and focused

  • Commencement Speech: David Foster Wallace

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    Commencement speeches are often a sending off to the graduates by a highly regarded person, and is suppose to have a purpose. The purpose of the speech is to: motivate, inspire, encourage, provoke, a call to action, and to give hope to the graduates as well as congratulate them on their achievements. Often the speaker is someone who is famous or have been successful in their life. In regards to how the speech is given, it usually starts out with the speaker congratulating the class. They will typically

  • Mr. McCullough's Commencement Speech

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    In his speech at the Wellesley High School for the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2012, Mr. McCullough makes a scathing criticism of the “Me Generation”, the modern youth with their modern popular cultures and modern philosophies. Mr. McCullough’s scathing criticism of the “Me Generation” was justified and insightful because the Young People’s YOLO is corrupt, Me Generation’s people do things so they can show off, and the Me Generation is extremely self-centered.. He used statistics, common

  • Commencement Speech You Will Never Hear Essay

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    delivering this speech is to make students realize that their school and their professors have faith in their judgement, trust in their abilities and are well prepared to face the world on their own. Most of the student community would like to hear a speech of this kind. However, Jacob Neusner had a different perspective about the Commencement speech which makes it belong to the 1% of the category. His speech is very unusual and was published in the article titled as “The Commencement Speech you will never

  • David Foster Wallace Commencement Speech Analysis

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    The commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace in the autumn of 2005, is a very deep speech that examines the whole idea of a Liberal Arts education at an extremely deep and intellectual level. In the 22 minute long speech Wallace talks about how higher education not only teaches you to think but “how to exercise some control over how and what you think.” (Wallace). Wallace later in his speech stresses the importance of this level of thinking by saying “if you cannot exercise this kind of

  • Wallace Commencement Speech Analysis

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    most recognizable characteristic that contributes to the effectiveness in Wallace 's speech is his style. The first component of his style begins right at the start of the speech when he tells the story of the fish. This is a parable and he uses these as a technique to engage the audience. Each of these parables have a different message behind them, but each meaning contributes to Wallace 's main purpose of this speech. For example, the story of the atheist and the religious man demonstrates blind-certainty

  • 2005 Kenyon Commencement Speech: This Is Water By David Wallace

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    American life that nobody talks about in commencement speeches. One such part involves boredom, routine and petty frustration” (Wallace 2005). This is what David Wallace in his 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address This Is Water refers to as the day in and day out of every day adult life. Wallace breaks the mold of commencement speeches with his nontraditional way of telling graduates the truth about adult life and what it means to learn how to think. In his speech “This is Water” David Wallace states

  • Analysis of Steve Job´s Commencement Speech on June 12th, 2005 at Stanford University

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    Anthony Trendl once wrote “A commencement speech, simply, is an opportunity to share your experience, values and advice. The precise form is up to you. This affords the speaker a platform to say amazing, unlimited things.” Steve Jobs’ Commencement address to the graduates at Stanford University was delivered on June 12th, 2005. Jobs is well known for being the CEO of Apple Computer, Pixar Animation Studios, and the inspiration of many rising entrepreneurs. In his speech, Jobs makes it clear that his

  • Analysis Of Coronel Colin Powell's Commencement Speech

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    Commencement Speech, Howard University, 1994. “Climb on one’s back and stand on their shoulders to reach the top” this is what the Coronel Colin Powell hints to recent graduating students from the Howard University in 1994. The Commencement Speech was long enough to motivate the graduating students. In addition, it was proper and formal. When the speech began, Powell was excited by ending on sharing his own experiences and giving great advices for those future professionals. Powell´s Commencement