Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' The Novel ' Essay

Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's ' The Novel ' Essay

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Toni Morrison 's major element in the novel is racism. In the novel Sula, there are a lot of different themes and one of the theme is a community where Morrison connects the theme to the racism. The racism comes to play a major role in two girl’s life Nel and Sula. The novel is focused on two girls living in Medallion experiencing different aspects of life such as facing racial issues together. Nel and Sula both came from different families, but they both get really attach to each other and they share everything with each other. In this novel, Morrison described community has a major impact on the people living in the Medallion. Community help each other and they also accept some things such as accepting Shadrack and blaming Sula for everything while she was alive and feeling bored when she was dead, This evaluates that throughout the novel community face racial discrimination, there are a lot of different examples in the novel how black people face economic issues because of their race and how black community had unity by helping each other while white race did not care about them.
The major character in the novel is Nel, she traveled to new Orleans with her mother Helene and faced racial discrimination for entering onto the wrong box of the train. Helene and Nel entered onto whites men faced instead of the colored box. The Conductor of the train was very rude to Helene and said:“What you think you doin’, gal?” ( Pg 20). Helene was so scared she barely talked, she was shivering. Morrison showed how racism changed Nel’s behavior towards her mother Helene. Nel was happy when Helene faced racial discrimination in the train and ashamed of her mother 's action she took in the train, As it is stated in the novel “ He stood there star...

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...troyed the tunnel because it belonged to white people and they died together. Its stated in the novel “Alot of them died there.….enter an unfinished tunnel” (pg 162) Here Morrison showed the idea of unity, Unity of the black race.
In the novel, the racial economic issues limited Jude and Ajax opportunities because of their race also community helped each other during hard times such as when Boyboy left Eva with $1.65 and very little food and also community takes care of Eva’s children 's when she left them with black family for one and half year. The major aspect in this novel is racial discrimination and segregation. Morrison gives a lot of different examples in the novel such as facing racial discrimination in train and not getting the job which people wanted. In early 1920’s people faced a lot of racial discrimination and Morrison showed that in the novel Sula.

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