Black Humanity In Toni Morrison's The Site Of Memory

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Within "The Site of Memory", Toni Morrison highlights the continuous display of the black humanity through the history of Black literature and its 's social changing powers. She then goes on to explain the tools and techniques of doing so. Morrison even warns against the mixing of facts and truth. Finally, Morrison discusses what the site of memory really is and its spark to the imagination.
Morrison starts by outlining the style and circumstances of these narratives, one to capture the historical personal life and account of racism, and two the move to persuade the probably non black reader of the humanity of the black people enslaved. Morrison then goes on to call out the White privilege of being able to write "reality" unquestioned while
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My job becomes how to rip that veil drawn over “proceeding too terrible to relate."(Pg.91) I particularly love the switch in the technique of writing for Black literature that Morrison mention where "the interior life" is revealed. Morrison does this to identify the change from where we used our literary power to prove our humanity to now using that power to heal our community and in turn invite the marginalized group being discussed to speak for themselves. “It is the duty of the younger Negro artist . . . to change through the force of his art that old whispering" I want to be white," hidden in the aspirations of his people, to "Why I should want to be white? I am a Negro? And beautiful!” (Langston Hughes, The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain 1926) As Black Artist we are called to love the arts even if the arts doesn 't love us in return. We beg and bleed for black art. To me you 're an Artist when you are speaking, singing, drawing, dancing etc. your many truths drawn from and for the community to which you belong for all to see. As a progressive artistic community we must then write, produce, act, dance, sing, and be those truths. In continuing my journey as a Black artist, I will be doing an independent study on “Black Life on the Global Scale – An Ubuntist Identifies Art” with the advisement of a faculty advisor, the dynamic poet Kimmika Williams Witherspoon. This independent study will lead to a three part project that features social media as a platform in study broad advocacy, a documentary film, and a one woman show featuring a host of characters based on the people I will meet abroad. As a black actress, a black poet, a black singer and a creative Afrocentric human being I consider myself a black artist whose goal is to find and define her own artistry that will
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