Analysis Of The Poem ' Composed Upon Westminster Bridge ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Composed Upon Westminster Bridge ' Essay

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In William Wordsworth’s poem, “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge September 3, 1802”, Wordsworth analyzes a beautiful day in London. The first eight lines are composed of a single sentence. The speaker describes what he sees on a particular day on Westminster Bridge. Wordsworth begins by saying, “Earth has not anything to show more fair:” (1). This line tells the reader that this is going to be a nature poem, because he is saying that this sight is the most beautiful thing this earth has to offer. He then begins to say, that this beauty isn’t constant, but that it comes and goes. This is shown by Wordsworth saying, “Dull would he be of soul who could pass by” (2). Saying that if anyone can pass this extraordinary sight without stopping to gaze at its beauty must have a “dull” soul. Then a couple lines down, he says, “This City now doth, like a garment, wear/ The beauty of the morning; silent bare,” (4-5). These lines show that this beauty is temporary because similar to clothes, it is not always worn. And on the next line he says, “The beauty of the morning; silent, bare” (6), thus telling the reader the time of day and the setting. After this, Wordsworth spends the next seven lines describing the scenes in great detail to the reader. And on line fourteen, he reinforces that sights like this come once every blue moon by saying, “And all that mighty hear is lying still!” (14), showing that the duration of time this will last will come and go within a heart beat. This poem is a Petrarchan Sonnet that consists of fourteen lines with a simple ABBAABBACDCD rhyme scheme. Although “by” and “majesty” on lines two and three are slant rhymes. Line nine marks the change in rhyme scheme and subject matter found in all Petrarchan sonnets, althou...

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...lled city. So it was a rare occasion to wake up one morning and not see smog everywhere. He then says, “Ne’er saw I never felt, a calm so deep” (11). Showing this is the first time in his entire life he has witnessed beauty on this scale. And on the last line he says, “And all that mighty heart is lying still!” (14). This means that this moment will not last long. This is because the speaker has found a time after the sun has risen but before people have awoken for their daily routine. While going about his daily routine, Wordsworth was able to find a once in a lifetime sight and thoroughly enjoy it. By everything lining up just right Wordsworth was able to find the perfect scene and is teaching that when ever a person sees something that catches their eye. They need to take advantage of it as he did with the sunrise because they never know when it will appear again.

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