The Daffodils and Upon Westminster Bridge

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The Daffodils and Upon Westminster Bridge Both " The Daffodils" and " Upon Westminster Bridge" were written around the turn of the 19th century in Georgian times to illustrate William Wordsworth's view of the Natural World. " Upon Westminster Bridge" illustrates the poet's view on the city of London. Wordsworth is able to appreciate and see the magnificence in a normal bustling city. He is in awe at the scenic beauty of the morning sun, radiating from London's great architectural marvels. To give the sense of calm he uses the adjectives silent, smokeless to underline that it is early in the morning and London is beautiful because the factories are sleeping, there is no pollution and the city is not dirty. We can find an indirectly accuse of industrialisation. Only when the factories are closed, ships, towers and theatre are bare and when the town is silent, it is beautiful because industrialisation and pollution do not spoil it. " Upon Westminster Bridge" is written in the form of an Italian sonnet. It is divided into an octet and sestet. In the octet the poet tells us what he sees before him and describes to us the beauty of the scene. In the sestet he tells us of his personal responses to the scene. The poem uses an alternate line rhyming to create the effect of order. It is written in a sonnet using iambic pentameter. This device brings attention and emphasizes the meanings of the words. Wordsworth's shows his feelings for London in a figurative way. He engages the reader by forcing them to change from what they are thinking to what the writer wants them to... ... middle of paper ... ...d the speaker is vacant of the joy that he found in nature- especially the daffodils. So when he recalls the daffodils he is reunited with the pleasure which he can not find amongst people. I prefer " The Daffodils". I like this poem because it shows what joy the memory can bring to the poet in times of contemplation, grief and loneliness. This poem is very touching and moving. We can see Wordsworth's use of imagery and emotion at its best. We can see that the poet holds daffodils and nature in high regard. The poem has a lot of nature images that you can practically see: the trees, the water, the stars and the daffodils. Unlike " Upon Westminster Bridge" which I feel is slightly sarcastic. In " The daffodils" Wordsworth's tone is merry and flows quickly and nicely; it's like he is creating a painting not a poem.
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