Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Yellow Face '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Yellow Face '

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Yellow Face is a ground breaking production that became the first play directly adapted for YouTube. I thought it was fascinating to watch this theatrical production through a digital medium and really gave insight into the potential future of theatre. I thought the acting, however was what really made the play. Especially the performances by Ryun Yu as David Henry Hwang, and Christopher Gorham as Marcus; however I did not feel that Linda Park’s performance of Leah was quite as strong.
Ryun Yu did an amazing job portraying the role Of David Henry Hwang. He perfectly executed the transition from live theater to digital theater by toning down his acting and doing less dramatic movements, like actors normally would onstage so the audience could see what they are doing. Yet somehow it still felt like I was watching a play rather than a movie. Yu would often looked side to side rapidly, a common sign of anxiety and worry, which clearly revealed his character’s stress. He would also tap his fingers on his desk very frequently, again showing how antsy and anxious he was. He rested his he...

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