Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Angry Men ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Angry Men ' Essay

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Breezie Chapman
Twelve Angry Men
Twelve jurors deliberate on whether an eighteen year old boy is guilty, or not guilty on stabbing his father.
Henry Fonda
Henry Fonda or juror number eight in the film is known as one of the 50 all-time greatest movie heroes. Henry Fonda is known as a movie hero for many different reasons. One reason that he is a hero is because of how dedicated he was to the excellence in his craft or career. Henry Fonda was always dedicated to make something of himself and of the films that he starred in. He was also a part of Broadway and also many Hollywood films playing many different roles. Some of these roles included being Abraham Lincoln in the movie, “Young Mr. Lincoln” in 1939 (A&E, Web). So Henry Fonda was not only a hero, because he was constantly dedicated to his craft and making something out of it; but he also played in movies that starred him as hero as well. Many young actors today can look up to Mr. Fonda and strive to be like him in every way possible; because he was a legend on off the screen and stage.
Another reason why Henry Fonda was a hero was the fact that during his career, World War II was happening; and instead of deciding to keep acting, he decided to join the war. Henry Fonda joined the Navy where he served as a lieutenant and received the Navy Presidential Unit Citation and a bronze star (A&E, Web). This definitely proves that Henry Fonda is a hero because he fought for our country in one of the most horrible wars ever. Also he gave up his career at the time so he could help fight for his country and protect the people he loved as well. Not only did he fight in the war but he also helped raise money to send to Brittan so they could protect themselves during the war as well (Henr...

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...fights between jurors and other jurors thinking that these false ideas were true. Also the reverse prejudice allowed for all the jurors to think their decision through and give a truthful verdict.

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