Analysis Of The Movie ' The Five Heartbeats ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Five Heartbeats ' Essay

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Becoming a professional author starts out with mastering your emotions, and knowing who you are and how to express that; creatively, or destructively. Obviously it is equally imperative to understand the basics of reading and writing; as early as childhood there are some who have a natural talent that is often projected through the use of their imagination expressed through short stories, tall tales, pictures, and at times obscure art work.
In the movie: “THE FIVE HEARTBEATS”, the main character, Duck, a guy from very humble beginnings, is the musical producer of the five man rhythm and blues group, and towards the end of the movie, he is onstage accepting an award at an awards ceremony for their album going Gold. When it was Duck’s turn to say a few words, he stated that he read an article about himself where the journalist said that Duck was a good producer at that time, but wouldn’t become a great producer until he had “suffered more.”
Duck stated that those two words befuddled him for a long time, “Suffers More?” What was this journalists’ angle? Was he just trying to get in his head for notoriety, and publicly spar with him, or was it something deeper? For a long time it lingered on his mind, but he could not figure it out, until it hit him in the form of betrayal from within his inner circle; as it turned out his brother was sleeping with his wife for months prior to the awards ceremony, and Voila!, he understood perfectly what him not becoming a better producer until he “Suffered More” meant; subsequently he went ahead and left his wife, left the group, his brother, and took the pain he experienced, and began producing platinum albums for others until his retirement.
What most can be gained from the lesson he learned wa...

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...ase those who pay your salary.
Of course if you mess up, and/or do poorly researched work, the public will also let you hear that, and that will have your boss, and your bosses boss very upset with you if you upset the wrong people, or just do it one too many times in general.
All this means is that you have more subject material for whatever book you one day choose to write; it all starts out with a writer who can master his or her own emotions, and then turn those experiences into an expression of their imagination that the reader just falls in love with, and more importantly for the purposes of this Guide to becoming a professional author or writer, the moment that reader realizes that they enjoy your material to the point of where they’re willing to even pay for it? Well believe it or not, it is at that moment, that you’ve become a professional writer, or author.

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