Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' School Ties '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' School Ties '

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Olalekan Ajayi
“School Ties”
The movie was about St. Matthews Academy, this is an High School known as a preparatory high school for Ivy league colleges in the United States such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc., but especially Harvard. The academic culture in the movie was based on long history of the school academic honor code, football, prejudice and racism against the Jews, social class, strong alumni base, long history of school ties with ivy league colleges and some common traditions that may not be known to an outsider.

The aspect of academic integrity that was present in the culture of this school is cheating and breaking the honor code. St. Matthews Academy is known to be a big football school; however, the school has not been able to win championships for about three school years in a roll. The headmaster and the alumni of the school were not happy about this and there was a need for an urgent solution. In their quest for solution, the school football coach searched for a young athletic man called David Greene (David is from a common working class home, which could be ter...

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